Ann Arbor cycling/racing

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Peter Gager

I am considering a move to Ann Arbor for an academic job. Can anyone fill me in on the racing scene
there (i'm cat 4, masters)? What about cycling in general - i came across an old post that mentioned
it is limited to 6 months out of the year. Are there any hills? Thanks Peter

Jeff Potter

Ann Arbor is a great town for a bike! You really don't want a car for in-town anything.

The outskirts of town have what we called a Ring of Death of a few miles of nastiness, bad
roads, traffic.

To the NW about 5 miles out of town and then for the next 50 miles it's all great riding though.
Hilly, pretty, quiet, safe.

To the S it can be kinda nice for flat riding in farmland.

AA has a good club and team scene with several levels. They used to have a fierce Thurs Nite ride of
about 45 miles. Silly because it hurt race results but fun for nonracers. I hope they have it in
control now.

There's also good racing in the area every weekend.

Yeah, winter cuts down on riding.



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