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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Peter Gager, Apr 27, 2003.

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  1. Peter Gager

    Peter Gager Guest

    I am considering a move to Ann Arbor for an academic job. Can anyone fill me in on the racing scene
    there (i'm cat 4, masters)? What about cycling in general - i came across an old post that mentioned
    it is limited to 6 months out of the year. Are there any hills? Thanks Peter

  2. Mdscat4

    Mdscat4 Guest

    check out the Ann Arbor Velo Club at
  3. Jeff Potter

    Jeff Potter Guest

    Ann Arbor is a great town for a bike! You really don't want a car for in-town anything.

    The outskirts of town have what we called a Ring of Death of a few miles of nastiness, bad
    roads, traffic.

    To the NW about 5 miles out of town and then for the next 50 miles it's all great riding though.
    Hilly, pretty, quiet, safe.

    To the S it can be kinda nice for flat riding in farmland.

    AA has a good club and team scene with several levels. They used to have a fierce Thurs Nite ride of
    about 45 miles. Silly because it hurt race results but fun for nonracers. I hope they have it in
    control now.

    There's also good racing in the area every weekend.

    Yeah, winter cuts down on riding.



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