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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by elessedil, Mar 30, 2004.

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    For those of you out there who are big bikers and have already bought a bike, I was hoping you could tell me how it worked out. I read a lot of posts from big men about bikes, but because they are often tall and the weight is spread out... I'm not sure if that plays a part. I'm female, 5'3" and weigh right at 350. I have been trying to be more active, and one thing that I've always wanted to do is bike. If I am able. I have seen where people say that the Kona Hoss bike is good, but it's so far out of my price league it's not even funny. If I get a bike, it'll have to be a Christmas present, so I would guess $300.00 or under. Is there ANY bikes out there that would work? I know it's a toughie and I really shouldn't hold out much hope for someone my size. I just thought it might be worth asking.
    Thanks in advance and happy trails to everyone out there.

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    I was getting really big and very unfit. I loved cycling in my youth and decided to get back into it. I bought myself a bike for Christmas (last year) and haven't looked back. I went for a hybrid (road frame and wheels, mountain bike style handlebars, breaks and gear shifters) with a comfortable saddle - it even had suspension in the seat post.

    I now cycle between 15 and 30km every day and 3-4 times that on weekends.

    I lost 15kg since so far this year (I eat like a horse) and should easily get down to my perfect weight by the end of the year. No diets or suppliments just pedaling.

    As a kid I used to ride "racing" bikes and I really missed that kind of riding style. So, a few weeks ago I purchased a proper road bike. Last Sunday I had my first long cycle with a group of very fit (tri-athletes and paddlers) guys most 20 years younger than me... AND I DIDN'T COME LAST! (6th out of 9). I couldn't cycle up all the hills (I was going to buy a "granny" cog - but now I'm just going to keep trying until I get up ALL the hills) but I had a great ride.

    My friends thought I was crazy buying an expensive road bike but now they say "wow" when they see me.

    A good bike feels great to cycle and you really feel like riding EVERY day.

    NONE of my clothes fit and I had to get the local shoe repair store to punch a few more hole in my belt.

    I'm up and on the road at 5.30am cycling into a tropical sunrise (some times a tropical downpour) evey morning and I never had so much energy in my life.

    If you like the Kona Hoss try and get it. Tell yourself it's an investment in YOU. And if you spend that kind of money you better make use of it.

    Good luck elessedil. Happy Cycling!
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    At 350lbs don't worry about suspension or anything other than sturdy wheels, cranks, and a comfortable seat. I'm assuming(?) you will be riding on road/paths and not hitting the trails for a bit of time so don't focus on trying to get something worthy of a proper thrashing off-road or...

    When I got back into riding trails and "trying" to get crazy I was at 315lbs (6'3") and was crushing wheels, cranks, and hubs constantly. In your price range you will be looking at either poor mountain bikes, average bmx's, decent hybrids, and who knows what to call the wal-goose bikes. For your use you could get something worthy of riding (from wally world or such a place) on the road/paths as long as you steer away from the full-suspension rigs. Used is another avenue to pursue if you know someone you trust that knows bikes well and can go with you to look.

    It's a long damn time till Christmas. Start walking/hiking/swimming/whatever and before you know it a few pounds will begin to leave and then...

    Good luck. It's been an interesting trip for me thus far and not always an easy journey, but certainly well worth the work and increased health. I'm at 250 now and feeling much better (on and off the bike). The weight doesn't get on us overnight and we can't expect it to come off that way either. Once again, I wish you the best of luck! Take care.