Another bike decision thread...'07 Look 555 vs '07 Pinarello Galileo...


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Aug 30, 2007
Alright guys, info about me, I'm 5'11-6'0; 160 pounds. I've been mountain biking for years, but since my recent move to Florida, I'm limited to road biking, which is just as awesome--however, I am still relatively new to the sport. I do plan on competing, or at least riding quite seriously.

I went down to my LBS, checked out these two bikes. Loved them both compared to every other bike offered at my LBS, compared to the Giant OCR/TCR, Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, etc.

I was interested in some of them, such as the Orbea series, but many of them are out of my price range.

The LBS is giving me the Look 555 equipped with Shimano 105 all the way around for $1599, so $1704 with tax. Mind you the Look Frame is a Carbon frame, rides awesome, and definitely feels a bit more comfortable, a little more relaxed.

The same store is giving me a Pinarello Galileo, Black/White, Aluminum frame, Carbon seatpost and frame, however it is Ultegra all the way around. The catch is however, the bike has SLIGHT and I don't even mean to mention that, but one slight ding/dent on the top of the Aluminum frame- on top of the cross bar. There is also a slight scratch on the bottom part, towards the back of the derailuer, you can't even see it. The bike is still brand new, the sales guys told me that UPS damaged it-- a customer picked it up, and returned it, so it is "brand new". The price on this bike is $1000 so $1104 with tax because of the "cosmetic damage."

So now, I've got to make a decision between the two. Price wise, I have not seen a single bike from Giant, Trek, Specialized, Felt, that looks, and feels the way they do, for the price that they are being offered. The Look 555 package comes with the Look Classic Pedals, prolly like a $50 dollar value, and the Pinarello doesn't...however even if I were to get the Pinerello, with pedals, clothes, water bottle cage, even a computer, I would still fall under the price range of the Look 555.

So you see, I've debated with myself heavily between the two bikes. The Pinerello is definitely a stiffer frame, a little more angled seating position (lower)...the sales guys commented that they could turn the stem upside down to allow for a little better seating position. That is a 58 I believe, and the Look 555 is a 56 - Large Frame. I feel like my mind is already made up going with a carbon frame, just because of the feel, much softer, the aesthetics of the bike are definitely beautiful, but I'm having a tough time debating on whether it is 600 dollars worth...on top of the fact that the components are one step lower-- Shimano 105 (Look 555) vs. Shimano Ultegra (Pinerello Galileo).

The trades are there of course, one has a better component gruppo, but an aluminum frame and carbon fork/seat post/rear, and the other has a lower component set, more expensive, but nicer frame, and I don't know if its the price of what thats speaking to me, but it almost feels nicer.

Alright guys, I've spilled my guts, sorry for the long read, give me a hand!!
Shimano 105 (Look 555) vs. Shimano Ultegra (Pinerello Galileo) both are solid choices and 105 has more metal parts in shifters hence will last longer.
You did not mention weight defereance between these two.Very important to me.If Pinerello is within same weight pound heavy is insignifent but 3 pounds deferance is huge to me.
I would buy the cheaper bike train my ass all year and buy something lot lighter.Prices on carbon bikes are falling fast.In one year you will be able to buy whole lot more bike for 1700 then buying look 555 now.
I would buy Pinerello!:D