Another biomedical scientist advocates marijuana legalization

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by John Graeme, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. John Graeme

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    Leslie Iversen, Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University, is the latest biomedical
    professional to advocate legalization of marijuana.

    Legalise cannabis, says experimental professor by Venetia Ansell and Joanna Sugden 2004-01-23 <htt-

    'An Oxford Professor of pharmacology has lent his support to the complete legalisation of

    Professor Leslie of "The Science of Marijuana," denounced the media attention given
    to studies on the mental side-effects of smoking cannabis as "horror stories generated to grab
    people's attention." '

  2. Occupant

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    The problem is not the harm that marijuana does. Obesity, lack of exercise, air, water and soil
    polution, genetically modified food, do far more harm to individuals than marijuana.

    The problems is if only 1 country in the world legalizes marijuana then legal and illegal markets
    will want to sell to the rest of the world underground or above board. How do you regulate the
    growth, cultivation, and distribution locally or in the rest of the world where it is illegal. That
    is the problem and the politics.