Another comeback.


Jan 5, 2006
Didn't get a lot of miles on the bike this year. Had ankle fusion surgery at the beginning of November. Haven't been able to do too much w/the leg so far. Getting kinda bummed watching the atrophy. I'm 65 years of age and I am anxious to get back into training. Hopefully I can begin trainer wo's in the next couple of weeks. Any of you been through something similar? It feels like I will be starting over. Been doing upper body stuff as well as core work, adduction, abduction, leg raises, isometrics for quads and glutes, but no way is it enough. As I get older I lose fitness faster and get it back slower. Been in similar situations before, but I was a lot younger. Gonna try to enjoy the journey.
We're on the same boat. I had a sabbatical from riding because of the mouse that appears on my right leg when I am riding for long. It's a bulging muscle that the doctors couldn't say anything except swollen due to fatigue. I have a planned ride this coming weekend and I'm pretty excited and anxious because I hate to see that mouse appearing on my leg again. The venue is the hilly ranch of my niece so the mountain bike will probably serve its purpose. I just cannot say the same for my leg. But this upcoming ride is not for the physical aspect but more for my self confidence.
I'm still young but I just started biking again this 2018 after more than a year of absence, and it was challenging to get back into fitness at the start. Hopefully, you'll regain your previous form and keep riding while you still can!
I've been really active a 2 decades ago then stopped for 5 years, I only started biking regularly last year but only short runs, I'm still building up my stamina again. My daily ride consists of a 30 minute ride, and on weekends about 2 hours in the country side or just in the park.

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