Another power training resource: Google Wattage group

Discussion in 'Power Training' started by Uhl, Nov 27, 2006.

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    I just wanted to let everyone know about the Google Wattage group. We just migrated the list from Topica and were able to import all messages from when it was started back in 2001. This was key to the transition since the archives contain over 45,000 posts, some of which are from the same well-respected people who post here. With Google's great search engine, it's yet another place to turn to when looking for specific information on training with power.

    Google Wattage Group discussion list:

    Though the content is similar to this forum, the mechanism is slightly different; the Wattage group is a listserve, not a bulletin board. With a listserve, you can subscribe to the list and have posts or daily summaries, delivered straight to your inbox. But you can treat it like a forum if you just want to read posts on the web.

    I realize that some of this forum's active members are already on the Wattage group, but I thought I'd get the word out for those who didn't know it existed. Both are great resources, they just differ in their delivery.