another silly inconsistency with high-carb advocates

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Tcomeau, Feb 13, 2004.

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    I've noticed how many nutritionists, doctors, etc. always seem to justify a high carb diet by
    insisting that people or kids need the energy that they get from carbs. "It's an important source of
    energy" seems to be repeated constantly. One of the criticisms against low-carb diets is that in
    restricting carbs and forcing the body to use up fat you may be causing sluggishness and the
    creation of the the dreaded ketones and ketosis. Not enough energy, even if the person is grossly
    obese one should force the body into ketosis.

    Then they say, almost in the same breath, how people are eating too much. Its the calories. Too many
    calories. Well, the calorie is a measure of energy, you know the stuff that is so efficiently
    delivered to the system, you know, carbs are a needed form of energy. Eat lots of efficient energy
    carbs but don't eat too many calories.

    Does anyone else see the silliness and the irony here?