Another update on my winter bike search

On 2004-12-30, Rich Clark <[email protected]> wrote:
> "Pat" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]...
>> I ride a 55 cm Bianchi Veloce, and my inseam is 32", so I can see where
>> yours would fit you since your legs are shorter. Do you have enough
>> stand-over distance?

> Preston only mentioned his *trouser* inseam. Given that fashion sense could
> yield a 3-4"* difference in trouser inseam on the same person, it's not a
> very useful indicator of anything cycling-related.
> I would have thought that one these many professional fittings Preston's had
> would have generated some numbers he could refer to going forward.
> RichC

I do. They're just at home. It's not like the owner of the store last
night looked at the back of my pants and selected a bike based on that. He
saw me up on the bike, measured things thoroughly. I just don't happen to
keep my fit sheet with me 24/7, nor have it memorized. :)

> *or more, if the pants my son used to wear when he was in high school are
> any indication. Their inseam measurement bore no discernable relationship to
> the actual measurement of any part of his body.

Of course not. I was just throwing it out there as the only number I had
handy in order to illustrate that I don't have long legs. The legs of my
pants regularly wear first (meaning they're well below the top of my
shoe). I'm not wearing pants Urkel-style. I definitely wear a solid 30.

On 2004-12-29, Mike Kruger <[email protected]> wrote:
> Preston Crawford wrote:
>> So this new LBS I've been dealing with, that has just

> stunned me with
>> their ability to work with me .... They
>> used to be called Gateway Bicycles. Now they're called

> Speedzone.
> (Portland, Oregon)
> You've found your bike shop, that's for sure.
> A guy who's that concerned that you be a satisfied customer
> deserves a few free plugs.