Anriette Schoeman


Aug 11, 2001
Isn't she just an awesome athlete? Unbeaten in any road race for 2001 and three times successive Argus winner! Guess she can keep the trophy now!
I just wish one could get a decent picture somewhere. I would like to show some of my friends living overseas, but usually you only get her working hard on her bike. I think she is one of the best cyclists in South Africa. I would love to see her working in a team environment on a US/European tour.
Anriette's profile here.

hmm if she was first in the argus id be second ;D ;D ;D, you mean first out of the woman though? they race separate? or combined?.
Nicholas, get in line, everyone wants to be second, but you'll have to be one HELL of a cyclist to keep up with that bunch of dynamite!
The ladies start with the mens C-group, and from what I have heared, she gave alot of guys some serious punishment going up Ou Kaapse. This year she finished about 5 minutes ahead of the second placed lady! Thats serious riding in my book.
She's pretty hot, but Domique Donner is even better looking.

But yes Anriette is one hell of an athlete and is doing us proud.
;Dnow all us aussies know why so many blokes go to your argus tour ;D ;D ;D , come on your just training to keep up with the chicks ;)
Her average speed over the Argus distance (109km) was almost 43 km\h! You'll need to do some serious training to keep up with her!
The ladies start with the mens C-group, and from what I have heared, she gave alot of guys some serious punishment going up Ou Kaapse. This year she finished about 5 minutes ahead of the second placed lady! Thats serious riding in my book.
She finished 10th overall in the C Bunch . And we are all aware that the C Bunch consist of some serious quality riders.
I think she is a better road cyclist then Anke Erlank. It could be different if she only concentrate on cycling instead of running and swimming. But she's awesome too.
I met this little package of dinamite at the Argus and had a good chat. What a lady wow!! One of the best in world cycling I would say.
If only she got more international exposure. She's ranked 179 on The UCI Womens Rankings. I reckon she's got the right attitude to kick a few of the top international ladies butts.
south africans in the international scene?. iv only heard of Robbie Hunter. there may be big races over there but not many internationly known south africans. while over here we have small races but many international racers. like. Robbie Mcewan. Brad Mcee, and the greatest Stuart Ogrady and many more. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ahahhahah
The recent performance of the South African team at the Tour de Langkawi is proof of their international ability.

1 Mapei - Quick Step 90h21'04"
2 Rep South Africa 90h32'15"
3 Colombia-Selle Italia 90h32'45"
4 Alexia Alluminio 90h42'58"
5 Bonjour 90h48'36"
6 Acqua & Sapone 90h55'59"
7 Telekom Malaysia 90h57'30"
8 Team Fakta 91h13'29"
9 Lotto - Adecco 91h19'29"
10 Credit Agricole 91h20'30"
11 91h22'52"
12 Relax - Fuenlabrada 91h23'49"
13 Canada 91h28'39"
14 Mobilvetta Design 91h30'49"
15 Ag2r Prevoyance 91h38'06"
16 Japan 91h38'56"
17 Ceramiche Panaria 91h39'55"
18 Team Nürnberger 91h50'50"
19 Palmans-Collstrop 91h59'55"
20 Philippines 92h03'31"
21 Malaysia 92h14'35"
22 China 92h59'29"
I was not saying they are no good. I was just saying the only south african cyclist iv heard of is Robbie Hunter.
mind you Stuart O'grady leaves him in the dust ;)
Hey Nicholas, I've been reading the comments on this thread and did not want to react, but your careless talk has forced me to barge in here.... :mad:

I was just saying the only south african cyclist iv heard of is Robbie Hunter. Mmind you Stuart O'grady leaves him in the dust

Just because you don't hear of them doesn't mean they're not there - let's elaborate a little more :

David George, a top SA pro got a Silver medal in the World TT Champs in 2000. He rode for the US Postal Team (heard of them ??) and in the Vini Caldirola Team (Italy) last season.

Ryan Cox, a young up and coming rider (23yrs) is currently riding in the Cologne Team (Germany) and finished in 65th place in the Elite Road Race at the World's last year.

Other SA riders who have been given contracts and are campaigning in Europe this season are Rudolph Wentzel (26), the only non-Belgian riding for the Vlaanderen-T Interim Team, and Darryn Lill (20).

The reason SA doesn't have too many riders in Europe at this stage is because of the Sport boycott in the 70's and 80's - this isolation meant the riders were not exposed to International competition and that put the sport back 20 years in this country.

Had it not been for that, you can be sure that numerous riders from this continent would have made a name in World Cycling. One such rider was Alan van Heerden, who rode against and beat non other than Sean Kelly in his early pro years on a few occasions. As for Aussie riders riding then, Phil Anderson (heard of him ?), Australia's best ever Classics rider, rode in the Peugeot team with Alan and he wasn't in the same class then (p.s. Phil did go on to some great achievements in his career).

As for Robbie Mc Ewen kicking dust... this is "Pantani Talk". Either rider deserves respect and both are different types of rider. Hunter is a hard man with the amazing ability to produce in the World's toughest single day events (Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Tours, etc.). McEwen is a rider who can stick it out in long stages and produce powerful sprints at the end.

Recently, in the Gent-Wevelgem where both riders participated, RH was 6th and RME was 25th - who was riding cobblestone dust into who's eyes then ?? ::)

In the UCI rankings, McEwen is currently ranked 32nd & and Hunter 59th. It must be noted though that the majority of McEwen's points were scored in Australia against majority Aussie competition at the beginning of the year. Hunter's points were scored in Europe and Asia against majority European competition. As for who's riding for the better team, we won't go there....

So let's just chill and hold the bashing back as you don't want to go creating a "mine-is-better-than-yours" attitude in this forum. That's not why we come here. ;)
Morning Nic, Who is Stuart O'Grady..O.Yes.. now I remember. Thats the guy who had the yellow yersey in last years TDF. Now how can you compare S O'G with RH in last years race.O'Grady was the #1 rider in agricole and that means all his team mates must make sure he looks good in the race. They have to work, protect and support him. Roberts role was to do the working for his #1 team rider with a "agreement" that if he is still in the sprint, he can challenged. Do you think Lance Amstrong win the TDF soleley on his own. Yes, Lance win some stages on his own because he is a exceptional cyclist. But it was his team mates who controlled him and the race,that first week. You can never "compare" riders directly to each other, unless they race against each other. The stronger the team members, the better the #1 cyclist of that team. This sport is so great, rather appreciate the cyclist who do well in the international scene, no matter where he came from. Yes, our country is set back because of our history, but we cannot use that as a excuse for bad sporting performances. BUT we need to give compliments if its due and Big.Mig mentioned the names
Hi everybody,
S.O.G. and R.H , who is the best? They themselves will prove that. As for Anriette, I think we will hear a lot more about her in the near future. She will be at the Worlds come October, and I expect her to do well. Just a pity that she won't be able to ride in our Tour de Eden :'(, because of the World Champs.