Any Cape Town races in December


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Oct 31, 2002
Hi All<br /><br />I will be on vacation in Cape Town and George in December.<br />Are there any races or other cycle happenings in the area in December ?<br /><br />Anybody have some suggestions for training rides ?<br /><br /><br />Leon
Leon, the ride from George to Wilderness is awesome, and if you feel like a really nice trip, then continue on past Sedgefield to Knysna. I've done the Sedgefield-Knysna trip a few times; nice, fast flats and some long gradual climbs that just screams cycling. Most of the road has a wide shoulder, so it's safe.<br />The route back from Wilderness to George may test your fitness tho. The climb thro the pass is perpetual!<br />If you feel like mountain biking, then click here for some serious MTB'ing in the region. These guys have MTB's for hire.<br /><br />
<br /><br />Anyway, enjoy your holiday and safe cycling!<br /><br />
Thanks for the pointers VO2. Have just returned and got some good cycling done.<br />Another nice cycle was Plettenberg Bay to Knysna (The Heads) and back.<br />Has got a nice little climb coming out of Knysna.<br /><br />And then there is of course all those MTB tracks.<br /><br />Some many routes and so little time.<br /><br />Happy holidays.<br /><br />Leon<br />
its racing season, there are a few events

there is the burger sanlam

there is ppa fun rides

check it out :)

other thing you could do is monitor my site, since i'm in cape town, i make it a mission to monitor quite a few sites and put up those rides in cpt up on my site for my cycling buddies to see (sort of a central location for that information)
instead of posting info on rides on 101 different sites.