Any Cheaper Alternative to Oakley M Frames?


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Sep 22, 2004
Can anyone suggest a brand and model of sunglasses with interchangable lenses that are great for cycling.

I have searched everywhere in my home town for alterntaives to Oakleys coz they are just to darn expensive after buying the frames and 3 sets of lenses (dark, yellow and clear)

Would be grateful of any suggestions with websites attached.

Thanks in advance!
The house brands at supergo, performance, and the like aren't bad. You hear two schools of thought -- folks who like the expensive frames (I love my Rudy Project Rydons) and folks who choose the cheaper more 'expendable' frames (lenses get scratched, frames get lost - makes sense).
I have had my Oakley frames for at least 5 years. Did recently replace my dark sun blade. You can always find cheaper. Remember seeing a set of sun (dark & light), yellow, and clear for $19.99 recently. Wouldnt have given $0.50 for them. I am sure you could find something cheaper than this too just look harder. Invest in quality and it will pay off in the long run. This is why it is getting so hard to find quality any more. People buy things because they are cheaper it breaks and then they think - it was cheap so what do you expect. Then they go and buy cheap again. The cycle continues.
Sorry just noticed the "Cannondale BadBoy Ultra". I will assume from this that you ride a Cannondale. Why did you buy a bike like that? I'm sure you could have found a cheaper one.
We are using Briko Sprinters and find them great for ease of changing lenses. We are just using the Dark for daytime and the coated clear lenses for riding at night.


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