Any club training rides on Saturday morns in north London?

How are you doing??? Well I want to know if you need a cycling partner.. or someone to cycle with.. or something like that.

O where do i begin.. I just got myself a bike on Tuesday and some gear.. so im pretty out of the saddle for the last 2 year.. but would like to ride with someone. (ROAD BIKE)

I dont know the erea that well as I just arraived from the channel islands.. but im in Rayens Park.. Wimbledon

SO if you want to cycle please let me know as i dont know where to cycle .. so any place from Wimbledon to Wimbledon Chase or Raynespark will do until I get some idea of direction on this place.. or even Richmond.. got lost and ended up in Richmond... so richmond will also do..

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

PS. Give me a shout.. as i wont be able to check my mail until next week wednesday..

0777 60 800 76

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