Any Geocachers?

Discussion in '' started by MuniTune, Jun 15, 2004.

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    I've been geocaching for about a year now. Lots of fun. Once I get
    proficient enough at riding I think it would be a blast to combine
    geocaching and muni.

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    Should be an event on NAUCC, UNICON and especially BUC!

    P.s. I did not change my user cp (location) for this post.

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    Tim wrote:
    > *I want to get a GPS device what kind do you have or suggest? *

    Check out this past thread on GPS units: 'GPS for unicycling?'

    The 'Garmin eTrex Legend' (
    is a good choice for a mapping GPS that you can take along while
    unicycling, bicycling, or hiking. But non-mapping GPS units are less
    expensive. You just have to figure out what features are important to
    you and what features you need.

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    I've done a couple, it's a lot of fun. But one of them in my area is
    gone, I think.... I spent about an hour searching, and it's just not
    there. Darned Geocache.

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    Yes! Here is my member name - Duke & Alex - what'a team

    It is a great activity for my son and myself. I just placed the second
    cache in kosovo.

    18 found/1 hidden


    Duke in Kosovo
    "My Unis are smile machines"
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    We've done several. Its been a while, but I think I'm Memphis Mud over
    there too.

    There are tons around our area. Out on the trails, in town, downtown.

    Keep looking James Potter. People have gotten very good at hiding them.
    One of my favorites is a MicroCache that is only 1/2 inch x 2 inch x 2
    inch pill box hidden in a crack of the floor of the gazebo where the
    band plays on the 4th of July. Right under their noses.

    The have a term they use that I think we could easily adopt. They stole

    "Muggles" are non-geochachers. (Or non-unicyclers?). We unicyclers
    mingle freely amongst the general population and they don't have a clue.
    (unless you're ON your uni at the time, thats a pretty good clue)

    If you don't know what a Muggle is, call me when you get back from the

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