Any ideas as to who made these recumbents?


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Jun 24, 2011
so i have asked around in many bike shops and bike geeks and no one seems to know who made these recumbents. there are only 2 that i know of and id love to find one for myself and maybe another one for a friend. the only thing i know about this bike is that it was most likely made in the late 80s. it has square steel 2 inch tubing

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FWIW. THAT looks like an unfinished DIY project ...

  • BMX front wheel + BMX fork ([COLOR= #808080]steerer extended[/COLOR])
  • ASHTABULA Triple crankset
  • Shimano (?) front derailleur
  • someone's desk chair welded to part of an old Wind-Trainer (?) frame
  • unfinished rear "triangle"

If you want a recumbent which looks like the one that you pictured, then you are probably going to have to fabricate it yourself.
That is an old ReBike. Rebikes were the original price-leader of the recumbent universe. They had a frame made from mild steel/square tubing, dept store components, and were incredibly clunky. They hung around for years before Sears finally bought them out, apparently thinking they'd sell well in the same department as the exercise machines. They didn't. They were in stores for about a year, then they quietly went away.
It looks like you've got a complete frameset there, so I shouldn't be hard to repaint and rebuild it. A bright red powdercoat would really make it shine! You might spend as much rebuilding it as it cost new, but if you like it, why not???
oh, that frame belongs to my friend, i have envied him for this for some time. now that i actualy know what im looking for it should good.
for the longest time we never knew what it was, we couldnt find any distinct markings or anything like that.
but thanks so much blazing, it should make this long and rigid search less daunting
I tried a Rebike and a BikeE for my first recumbent rides. I liked the feel and
ride of the Rebike. The one I rode only had a single front chainring, so I kept
looking. For basic riding needs, it should be fine, imo.