Any Juicing Meat Heads Here?


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May 28, 2015
I see a lot of talk about steroids, hgh, etc. but wondered if anyone here actually used that stuff?
I'm sure that some of us have used steroids at some point, and some might even be active users. However, I'm not one of those individuals, and I prefer to earn my results without using PEDs or steroids or anything of the sort. I don't care if someone else does outside of professional competition, but it's not right for me.
I doubt you will find many cyclists that use anabolic steroids. Building muscle mass provides no real benefit to cyclists. If anything it would be a negative for cyclists. Cyclists would be more likely to use things like EPO, but unless there are competition level racers here, I doubt there many that use them here.
My friend from college is a steadhead,

he said it doesn't have any benefit for his cardio, not sure about his cycle but it's for weight training.

Really no benefits to be honest.
I doubt you'd find many people admitting to doing that. I couldn't imagine many people would be doing it though in the cycling scene as there is no point in big muscle mass for cycling, it won't help you at all.
Not me. I don't plan on ever competing professionally or whatever, I do it for recreation and as a sort of stress release, so I really don't see why I should get my hands on performance enhancing drugs. I'm pretty sure a lot of would-be professional racers do it apparently, but for me, who just wants to enjoy the fresh air while surfing through the streets while the sun goes down, I have no reason to use them, and I am perfectly happy with the pace I am going day in and day out.
Got a roidrage buddy. He's still cool, he just gets angry at cups for clanking too loud now. He doesn't cycle, he just goes to the gym and tries to talk to girls, but he sucks at that. I tell him it's too bad he can't buy steroids for girls but then he gets mad at me too :(

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