Any of your stimuli going for bike stuff?

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
I've been holding back on bike stuff. Still have 3 tires in my stash but today ordered 3 more from Probikekit dotcom. I have always used 23's on my bikes but ordered one of the three just to see how it rides. Some new bar tape just to be prepared.

Also, a new pair of gloves, water bottle and new derailleur cables from a local shop, just to be prepared. :D

One must sacrifice some things in these tough times buy hey, let's not get crazy! Gotta have bike stuff. :p
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Friend has a bike shop, I made a video back in 2012 when his shop was new. I posted on forums and my blog. Then couple days ago, a strava person mentioned starting his ride at my buddies bike shop. I commented saying I have known Mark for 25 years. Great mechanic so I followed him around at different shops till he opened his own.

The strava dude said he knew that and that he went to Mark's shop after I posted the video. He has been a customer since. His bike was not running well so he took it to Mark. After several adjustments, the dude got on to test ride and the frame popped at the carbon/alum junction of the rear axle. :eek: Old carbon bike.

Mark tried to talk to the mfg'er (not a dealer) but couldn't get it replaced as he could not produce a receipt being the original owner. So he was screwed.

But being a bike dude, Mark came across some Felt Frames from back in 2012. Carbon frames from the top of the line bikes back then. He had 4 in stock, all size 56. So he offered the guy one for $400, he took it. So Mark made the swap and the dude rode off really happy. Carbon, headset, seatpost, rear hanger, sounds like a deal.

The guy was pretty happy even though it was a new 2012 frame.

Mark is a really cool bike lover. I've looked for bike parts in the past and though not available, he can still produce them for me. He took me on a tour of his new location. Boy he has a ton of spare parts in boxes. Boxes of 10 speed SRAM cassettes, all kinds of new stuff that is of yesteryear.

I have 1 bike 10 speed and needed Ultegra rubber hoods. Try finding those online! :mad: All websites were out of stock. I talked to Mark and within 2 days, he had them.

I needed a seatpost with zero offset. Willing to pay $100. Mark said he had one from a new bike that the customer wanted swapped, $20! :cool:

Got to love them guys that are just pure bike lovers!

Well, I was just talking about my stuff then kept on writing thinking the dude with the new frame probably used his stimulus pay too. Then started thinking of what a bike lover Mark is and kept typing ha ha!

Oh well, ramble on! :D