Any recommendations for a budget bike computer? how about magene and xoss?


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Jan 18, 2022
Any recommendations for a budget bike computer?
Specifically I'm looking for something affordable that will have multiple data.
How about the products from Magene and XOSS? Did anyone use those brands?
Thank you in advance!
I love my XOSS. For $35
I have a $250 Garmin edge 500 but use the XOSS. A couple little drawbacks like total elevation gain and temperature but shows on strava anyway, nothing o
If I get a new Garmin, 400 bucks.
The XOSS has a few pluses like night light continuous on. And Bluetooth.
I actually use my xoss of the time now and carry the Garmin as a backup. Several months and no need for the Garmin.
Sensors available for speed or cadence for about 20 bucks. I got one. But must be sure it reads or the xoss will not work properly.
I carry an extra CR battery. Because once the sensor battery goes, UT needs to be replaced or will not function properly.
The sensor battery needs to be replaced about every 4 months.
Some people complain and don't like the xoss for some reasons.
Reasons I find are not valid. If one is too dumb to follow instructions, it ain't the computers fault.
Works like a cateye computer, much like.
I enjoy it and great on night rides.

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