Anybody Else Feel Pressured To Ride Fast By The Drop Bars?

Jul 6, 2015
I've noticed that I find it extremely difficult to slow down when I'm on my bike that has drop bars. I feel like everybody is expecting me to ride fast and lead so I end up spending loads of energy to reach the high speeds every single time that I'm on that bike.

I have tried to seriously slow down but I feel very akward being on a bike with drop bars and riding slow. For some reason I just get this urge and I can't help it. Now this is not about rationalizing it or anything. I know its ridiculous and most people probably don't even notice, those who do forget it within 5 minuts. But it is what is is. Is anybody else experiencing this too? I am seriously considering going for a flat bar next time I buy a bike for this very reason only.
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For me drop bars are about various riding positions for your hands and comfort; and so nice to have when facing the wind. If you really want to relax while riding, it will happen in time.

This is a new issue to me, never heard of it. Also it mystifies me that people consider flat handle bars comfortable, perhaps on a short trip it is ok.
not me, not in the least. I have flat bars on my mountain bike but I'd never use them on my road bike. I rarely use the drops but they're there when I want them and the overall bar configuration is the most useful/comfortable for me.
Only worry if you feel a desire to dress like the circus and in a formation like a duck. Then its Road Bike forum for you.
I have drop bars on my bicycle, but I rarely use them. Maybe on a long gradual descent ... occasionally to give me another position to sit in and stretch out a bit.
Pressure? No. I just find I could ride faster when I'm in the drops and that's one big adrenaline boost for me, I love it.
I don't feel any pressure, that's weird.
I feel some sort of a flow of energy and freedom, that makes me drive faster.
I don't understand what you mean when you say you feel awkward riding slow on drop bars. My club has a rookie/social/recovery ride every Monday evening, where we average somewhere between 11 and 13 mph. That's slow for most of us. It doesn't feel awkward.

If you're out riding casually on a road bike, say for a recovery ride or leading a slower group, no one expects you to be riding on the drops the whole ride. Most of us understand that not everyone on a road bike rides full gas all the time. We get it. Rest and recovery are important. If you want to ride slow, ride on the hoods or the top of the bars, then.

Stop riding to meet others' expectations. Ride for yourself.
Not sure why you would be pressured exactly by it. The position the drop bars provide a more aerodynamic, wind resistant position which would make you go faster so I guess in that sense it could hesitate you in slowing down.
I also have drop bars on mine and rarely use them; I just don't find them comfortable at all.
You will get used to the drop bars. At first when I got my road bike, I was scared about the drop bars and was seriously thinking of a getting a flat bar bike, but I said I would try it out and after a couple days of getting used to, I liked it more!
Stop riding to meet others' expectations. Ride for yourself.

What he said..I didn't like using them at first, but am now in the drops 80% of the time. Using the drops really helped my cornering and descending.Most rec riders use the drops sparingly, you'll be fine.
It is a bit strange but I understand at some point. It is funny that you are the only one with the low bar type. Anyway, you can always hold the flat part of your low bar. I have a straight bar and I realise that I cannot change my grip. You can do it. I remember I used to ride a bike like that. I borrowed it from a friend several times and I changed all the time.
My first bike had drop bars but never felt pressures to use them. I did on occasion but most of my riding I didn't.