Anybody using a Flightdeck?



I want to replace my Cateye Mity 3 with the flightdeck. Does anyone know how it compares to other computes? Are there anybody in here that's using it?
Assuming you have FliteDeck STI shifters, there are many features with this computer which make it unique, and I have found it well worth the price. Installing it is not difficult. It's operation takes a little getting used to, but is preferable. If you have a large dimple on the inside of each of your shifters, on the rubber hoods, you are ready to install the STI system, my older (98) bike, which had Shimano 105's was compatable, I don't know how far back this goes.
I use the flight deck computer.
It was very finicky to set up. It is not a foolproof system: there are contacts that must meet when you fasten the harness element into the shifter, and the only way to know if you got is to screw it in and see. My bike wrench and I played with this endlessly until we got it all to work finally; we had to send one back to Shimano as defective, which was replaced hassle free immediately. I have used both wired and wireless versions.

Now that it's in I love it. Having the control on the shifter nipples makes it far easier to use than, for example, my wife's Specialized unit, which is pretty good.

there are computers like ciclisport HAC which deliver much more physiologic info. If knowing your elevation change, heart rate, and wattage is important, you're in different league than the flight deck.
I have 4 computers on four bikes. I have a flightdeck on one road bike and a ciclosport CM212 on another.

If you compare the flight deck to a basic computer, then you have addirional features among them a lap counter, ability to be used on 4 different bikes, virtual cadence and most importantly visual gear indicator are most notable. For me, the visual gear indicator and the fact that buttons are incorporated into STI's so functions can be operated with hands on the right place are the go.

However, it is not the cheapest computer either. I have had no trouble installing and using it. It looks nice, too. It doean't have a backlit display, and has a cumulitive odo. That is if it's used on more than one bike, it gives only one odometer for both bikes (read useless).

Depending on your usage and expectations you may or may not find the flight deck to be the best computer for you. I bought my ciclosport computer just recently, and I am very pleased with it. The good feature that it has is that it contains two complete computers in one. That means it keeps separate odo values as well while at a touch of botton it allows to compare values in the two set ups. This is very useful to me becuase I use this bike for two purposes: training and commuting. This way, I keep track of each seperately, because I use one mode for commuting and the other for training. One important feature which is very rare is the backlit display that's quite handy during night rides.

Drawbacks are that it doesn't integrate into STI levers so no gear detection and no hands-off operation.

I have an echowell computer on a hybrid bike. It's quite ordinary, but has a feature that I haven't found in any other ones: it shows average cadence and maximum cadence.

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I want to replace my Cateye Mity 3 with the flightdeck. Does anyone know how it compares to other computes? Are there anybody in here that's using it?
I have a Flight Deck mounted on our Tandem. It is easy to use and operate. On the tandem the indicator that shows the gear is very usefull. My wife does not need to quess anymore!!!! One down side is that when I stand up and pedal or climb in the seat I grip the hoods quite hard. I have managed on various occasions to reset the Flightdeck by pressing both buttons situated in the hood. I rectified this by slipping a O-ring of correct size under the hood. Problem solved. Very few cyclists has this problem.

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