Anyone else importing Polar power data to Powertap Poweragent?


New Member
Nov 9, 2008
Just curious if anyone else has done this (or am I the only obsessive data freak)?

I've got a Polar power setup on one bike and Powertap on another. I've got a I decided to download my Polar data using Windows on my Mac, then export the data. Then I have an Excel macro chop the data up and convert it into a format that Poweragent can import. I've got an Automator script that repeats this for a whole folder of datafiles if needed. Then I open Poweragent and manually import the files (I do have to provide the date of the exercise though).

Of course, I could just drop the whole Polar data gathering entirely and just power train and collect data on just one bike only, saving me a whole lot of trouble.