Anyone else using bikeinn?


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Feb 17, 2023
Hello everyone.
The story of how the store violates banal trade relations.
The store does not fulfill ordinary trading obligations!
I bought a Sigma Rox 4.0 bicycle computer. During operation, it turned out that the information from the sensors was not read correctly. What exactly is the problem is not entirely clear. But I turned to the store. They advised me to contact a representative in my country. There is no representative, but there are various dealers who refused for a good reason. I turned directly to the manufacturer, who previously recognized the marriage. It was necessary to return the product to the store where I bought it. Bikeinn, after some correspondence, arranged the transportation. I passed everything and waited. Some time passed and I was informed that the product was recognized as defective and within a few days I will be refunded to the same account from which the payment was made. A few months later, the money was not returned. The problem is that my bank has been sanctioned and SWIFT is not working. I still have all the correspondence with Bikeinn. In one of the letters, they admit that they cannot return the money to me because of the sanctions. I have offered many options for a refund, but the store's position is one - only to the account from which the payment was made. I understand that the store is not interested in solving the problem and I observe some Russophobia in solving problems, because this is not the first case.
At the moment I am trying to solve this problem together with the police as a fact of fraud. An extremely unpleasant impression. The loss of time is about 7 months and the loss of money is about 200€. This can happen to anyone!