Anyone from the sutherland shire - sydney?

Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by Guest, Apr 24, 2002.

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    HI everyone, im just starting out with track sprinting hopefullly, was wondering if there is anyone in this forum from the sutherland/st george/bankstown etc are in NSW australia?

    I am a 21 year old female and I live at Engadine..cycle

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    I think there is 2-3 ppl on this forum from sydney im from near Brisbane in Qld. I dont do track racing but it sure is good for specators. just like crits. So you are racing in C grade?
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    well, yep I will be starting off at the bottom, ive never raced before, just trained on the road (before my bike got stolen) so Once I have a bike again i will start training, to compete when the track season starts in a few months!

    Im pretty nervous and have not much idea what goes on at track meets so will have to find out more about that I guess :)
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    Hi Vanesa, our club rides past that way every sunday. If you want to get into racing check our club out. it is a great club witha fantastic atmosphere.

    see you down there

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    Hi Vanessa, MR ed is my name I am from Menai, I ride to work everyday I work in Caringbah, I do about 75kms a day, after work I ride to Kernull x2 on saturday I ride to waterfall x2 your wellcome to ride with me, I only do it to keep fit, I dont know if I would be fast enough. ::)
    Let me see on saturday I would go past the Pizza hut in Engadine at about 6:30am on my second trip around the Randwick group would catch up with me and I try riding with them most of the way it hard going coming back home from waterfall, after all, I'v nearly done 440kms in the week and my legs by this stage, well you know (sore) I ride a raceline bike Blue and black If your intrested just post a note
    By the way I am not 21 Just a litte older ; ;D
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    hey, thanks for the message. I would love to ride with you, what is your average speed usually?
    I havent got a bike right now, my racer was stolen from the garage, it was a custom bike too! I havent been able to afford another one yet, but fingers crossed I will have one in a couple of weeks. I really want to ride track but need some basic fitness first before I worry about sprinting!

    Once i get fit again i may tag along with the randwick riders sometimes too, i see them go past my place a lot ( i live in the units opp engadine train station) they go a bit fast for what I would be at right now.!

    my email is [email protected] if you want to stay in touch till i organise some wheels!
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    Hi matt the link to your clubs site doesnt seem to be working, have you got the address right?

    Welcome to the forum Vanessa, how bout registering as a member?
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    Hey everyone, just letting you know i registered as a member and my name is ness!

    ps does anyone know where i can look for a 2nd hand cheapie to get started? im short - 161 cm so need a pretty small frame..!!!