Anyone got tips to reduce chaffing

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Sep 24, 2021
I have always suffered with chaffing when I am cycling and general discomfort from my bicycle seat- no matter which bicycle I have had over the years.

It's worse on longer rides and now its warm I am really struggling. Does anyone have any tips to reduce chaffing and ways to make my seat more comfortable. It's putting me off going cycling anymore.
Didn't mention what kind of bike saddle, or shorts you're using.
I use Mennen speed stick green for $1.50.
Also a dab of Equate cream $7 (alternative to paceline chamois creme $20 8 Oz. ).

Speed stick works like expensive power glide for far less. 40 miles to 60 miles my usual ride on a road bike, narrow saddle no problem. Very comfy.
I know and ride with several women over 60 and one that's around 80. My girlfriend is 69, still riding with the local groups and competing in cyclocross. There is NO age limit for cycling. You won't be as strong or fast as you were when you were younger, but unless you have a specific physical/medical condition that prevents you from riding, you can keep doing it until you die.
A few things you could check are;

1) make sure your seat works well for you
2) wear good quality knicks
3) make sure your knicks are clean - washed after every ride
4) use chamios cream
5) make sure your seat isn't too high, this is a very common cause of discomfort.
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5) make sure your seat isn't too high, this is a very common cause of discomfort.

That typically. If your saddle is too high, you'll be moving a lot against the saddle and that will cause chaffing.

Additionally, your upper thighs will see excessive contact pressure against the saddle and will cause chaffing in your upper thighs, in addition to chaffing on your butt. This pressure will also negatively affect your upper thigh muscles and cause soreness to these muscles too.
I had a similar problem when i started to use my husband's bike for some time. That is a common mistake, which many women make.

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