Anyone have access to FIT KIT?

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    I have a Trek 2300 which was fitted to me using the FIT KIT system as the “Sport Road” configuration. As I’m becoming fitter and more flexible I’m willing to begin experimenting a little with the setup of the bike (in particular to be flatter and more aerodynamic) and was wondering if anyone who has access to the FIT KIT software or manuals could tell me what the basic results under the “Competition Road” configuration would be.

    My FIT KIT CARD Series 3 measurements read:

    Inseam:82cm, Thigh 35cm, Foot Length 26 cm, Arm Length (corrected) 61cm, Torso Length (corrected) 57.1cm, UBM (sum of arm and torso) 118.1cm, Shoulder 48cm

    The Bike is setup as:

    Seat Tube Length 53cm, Seat Tube Angle 74 deg, Crank Length 172.5mm, Seat Height 88.0cm, Handle Bar width, 44cm, Top Tube 54cm, Stem 90mm (I think, not sure about that one as we fiddled with the Stem a bit and don’t have the bike right here to check, could be 85)

    Some of the things I’ve finished up with are slightly different to the theoretical figures the system initially provided and are based on getting on the bike and shaking things out a bit. I would be grateful if anyone who has access to the FIT KIT could plug these numbers in and provide the “recommended” results for the “Competition Road” configuration. I’m guessing it may give me some direction as to where I may want to start looking to firstly try changes.

    Thanks in advance.