Anyone heard of these unique Road/Mt bike fenders


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Oct 4, 2015
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I have a set of Quickie Bicycle Fenders made by Bikelyf and LOVE em'. I've been riding around town with them on my lovely Cannondale Caad 7 and they are very durable and keep my A** and Back nice and dry. One thing i noticed though is when i go to local cycling events, no one seems to even know about these golden nuggets. Just curious, anyone else on here have a set, if so what do you think of them. If you arent sure what the heck im even talking about heres a link ...


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Yeah. We have heard of them actually. through your very first post on the site.

As in...just now. Thanks for adding one more spammed fender post to the 32,000 seen on this website annually. We will add you suggestion for craptastic hipster 'blade' fenders to the hundreds of models that have been on the market for decades. Multiple decades.

And if you are going to spam us, at least have the courtesy to spam us up some over-priced bamboo pieces of ****.
Wow, what a welcome that was. I joined this forum to join a group and to read about other gear and bicycles. For once I decided to emerge from the shadows and post about mine... looks like I didn't get the nice country welcome I thought, thanks CampyBob, much appreciated.
If it looks like spam and it smells like's probably nor filet mignon.