Anyone in West Texas?


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Oct 16, 2003
I'm travelling to the Lubbock area (actually Plains/Denver City) next week on a business project. Would love to do some riding while down there - anyone around that area? :)
Darn it, I am about a 5 hour drive away from there...El Paso.

Sorry, but good luck.
Not in the area anymore. But, ride Ransom Canyon and the canyons out by Slaton, outstanding rides!
Hey guys, thanks very much for the replies! So I'm curious, is this a "friendly" place to ride or will I be dealing with a lot of folks in pickup trucks throwing stuff and yelling at me to get the **** off the road? ;)

I'm planning to ride from a small town called "Denver City" to another small town called "Plains" - about 20 miles - at least several times while I'm down there. I understand the roads are good with nice wide shoulders, just a little bit nervous about running into some "good ol' boys" who don't take kindly to cyclists in lycra...
I know that there are plenty of shops in Lubbock, but a search for the plains and Denver City area shows nothing.
Maybe if you look up some shops in Lubbock, they could tell you more. It just seems that if you want to ride somewhere new, the best bet is to talk to the locals. I would be careful with the guys in the pickups that have never seen lycra.
Good advice - the last thing I need is to be forced off the road by someone who doesn't like shiny fabrics - maybe I'll have to forego the lycra this trip, LOL. I've actually been to Texas a number of times - even the remote areas - and usually find the people very friendly and hospitable. I've never ridden my bike there, however. I'll be sure check with some shops in Lubbock. Thanks! :)