Anyone interested in amazing bike case?

Case for what? I understand for a bike, but is the case for shipping by plane? Some people simply use a cardboard bike box and put it on an airplane, most LBS's will give you those for free. You also need the plastic fork support thingy you put in the dropouts, those can and should be free as well from the LBS. You can also buy cheap foam pipe insulation and put those on all the frame and fork tubes, and cover the pedals and handlebars with bubble wrap, and put any loose parts into a bubble wrap as well.

Now if you want an expensive hardsided piece of bike luggage well the sky is virtually the limit; I suggest you read all about the various types of cases and about each one here: And try to fine one that fits your needs the best.
one more question I don't want a very hard case because it is not easy to carry, and i can't open the link you sent
That's weird because I just clicked on the link on my post and it opened, I'm using Google if that matters. Ok so let me list the soft sided ones and then you google them to see which one appeals to you the best.

B'TWIN 1-BIKE TRANSPORT COVER this one is the second cheapest of the soft jobs but some reviews gave it 5 stars and others 4 so it got overall really good reviews, something worth considering if you want to save money, but check it out to make sure it will work for what you want it to. This is the Vaude Big Bike Bag (google name if the link won't work), typically their products, like their panniers I looked into, only get so so ratings so I didn't buy them, but not sure about this bag.

Then there is this more expensive upscale bag if you want the best that soft bag has to offer, it's called the Evoc Travel bag (in case the link below doesn't work you can google it):

If you want the cheapest thing on the market Nashbar has one, see: This one also got decent reviews.

There is also bags that are smaller that get past the extra charge that airlines will charge for a oversize bike bag, BUT, you do have to dissemble the bike more, but if your a confident mechanic it may be worth the money saved to the extra work.

Gavilán BFF this one will get you through most but not all airlines, it requires removal of the fork but it's not a complete break down as the bag below must do.

The Black Star Not A Bike Bag This one will get you through ALL airlines without an oversize charge but it does require complete and significant disassembly of the bike including the fork! there is a picture on how much you have to take it's the entire bike!

All these soft bag type of travel bags you definitely need to use foam pipe insulation to protect the frame tubing and bubble wrap to protect everything else, and don't forget to use a fork spacer. See this for more hints on how to protect a bike: If you don't use a spacer with Carbon forks they won't bend like steel which can be bent back, they just snap in two, so protect it as they suggest, note the use of the foam pipe insulation and bubble wrap I suggested, do this over all the frame tubing including stays as well. Zip ties are the best way to secure the foam, you can find reusable zip ties too that have a release tab you press down and it releases the tie, or you can simply pack enough spare non replaceable ones to replace the ones you used for the return flight; even if you use the reusable ones you should carry a few spares because sometimes those release tabs won't work.

I hope that should help you.

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