Anyone Interested In Cycling in Turkey???


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Jul 21, 2008
If anyone is interested in cycling around the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, suitable for any level of experience (but not mixed).

Please visit my website

This is a new venture, and any comments would be gratefully received. Alternatively I would be happy to give advice to any independant traveller coming to this area.

All the best, and great forum by the way!
Thanks for your comments.

There certainly are some challenging climbs here, but there are ways to avoid some of the harder stuff. The difficulty is geting a decent map of the area, it is more experiential learning than relying on the maps!

I'm glad you enjoyed it though 'David', and as you say, the area really is quite outstandingly, naturally beautiful (especially inland).

Oh and I had a peruse of your website. It is very well put together and an informative resource for travellers! You actually skirted the area where I am based, when you cut inland across to Antalya, but nontheless it looks like a great ride!
Thanks for lookingat the site and for your encouragement. I really regret cutting over the south west corner of Turkey as I believe it is as you say the most beautiful, and of course full of history. Maybe I'll get back there one day

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