Anyone used a Bluetooth HRM with iphone 4S?

Gingerbread Man

New Member
Jul 30, 2007
Hi All,

I am considering to upgrade to an iphone 4S (OK so I am a cheapskate who doesnt want to pay for an iphone 5).

I use Endomondo (though people keep telling me to switch to Strava). I want to make sure the phone will work with a Bluetooth HRM. (It is supposed to be BT4 compatible - but I have heard its not "fully" BT4 specced).

Has anybody else used Bluetooth HRM with iphone 4S?
I use Bluetooth HRM, speed and cadence on my 4S with Wahoo sensors. More options with many programs (depending on my mood I don't always use the same one) compared to my Garmin 800. It works great.

The only problem is if you leave the Iphone screen on, the battery life is relatively short.

Cyclemeter is as good as it gets as you can configure the program to give you exactly the screens you need, it also pings to the web, should you go out for a long ride alone and someone is keeping tabs on your safety.