Anyone using Campy Record/Super Record?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Dr Lodge, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Sep 28, 2012
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    Different folks, different strokes.

    I have Dura Ace on two bikes and Campy Super Record on one bike. Prefer the Dura Ace any day. Over the same time period I had to replace my Campy cables twice, the Dura Ace is still slick and precise, no issues.

    I also get much, much longer chain life out of the Dura Ace.

    Buy the best if you can afford it, otherwise you will always want it.

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    Feb 11, 2015
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    No trim on the front mech?! Have you ever actually used Shimano?! There has been sufficient trim on the front mech for years and the new 11 speed mechs have loads of trim!
    And what's this rubbish about needing new tools for Shimano?! I have run a workshop for 10 years, every year Campagnolo bring out a new BB that requires a stupidly expensive tool to fit and remove it.
    And if you had any clue about Campagnolo, you would know that it is massively frowned upon to call it 'CAMPY' ! It should only ever be shortened to campag!

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    Sep 12, 2005
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    " is massively frowned upon to call it 'CAMPY' !"

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    Jul 23, 2005
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    I think that some statements need to be corrected ...

    I have several generations of Campagnolo BBs & Cranksets ...

    And, the ONLY non-standard BB tool I have is the same tool which is used for Campagnolo's Cassette Lockrings ...

    Okay, THAT obviously means that I don't have a Veloce/Mirage/whatever second-tier Campagnolo cartridge BB, but if I did have one I would simply buy a PARK TOOL wrench ... I would NOT consider those to be "stupidly expensive."

    And, there are certainly other tool brands which are less expensive than Campagnolo's tools ...

    So, there is NO NEED to buy a tool which has "Campagnolo" stamped-or-cast on-or-in it.

    FYI. The Ultra Torque & Power Torque BB cups use the same wrench which Shimano Hollowtech II BB cups use ...

    So, there was NO NEED to buy a separate tool for the Campagnolo BB cups.

    AND, aren't the more recent Campagnolo BBs pseudo-standard press fit?

    Now, despite my advanced age, my knowledge of the Italian language hasn't reached the kindergarten-level, yet ...

    I know that (if a person knows Spanish) you can probably, simply replace "dove" for "donde" + affect a Italian-American accent and probably communicate well enough with a native Italian speaker who will probably presume you are from a different, rustico part of the peninsula OR realize that you are an American and ask YOU if you speak English!

    BUT, I think that after reading various people repeatedly suggest "campag" as a better diminutive nickname for Campagnolo there are many people who are more ignorant of the Italian language than I am ...

    Because, the "g" with which you are ending the word "campag" with is, in Italian, NOT phonetically pronounced when it precedes the letter "n" ... and the "gn" letter pairing is pronounced in the manner that the accent mark over the Spanish "ñ" &"Ñ" modifies the letter "n" ...

    So, gnocchi is pronounced closer to "n'yo-chi" and not "ga'no-chi" ...

    Hence, I think that people who disdain the nickname "Campy" should be (awkwardly) scribbling "Campagn" (pronounced Kahm Pahn) and NOT simply the linguistically non-sensical "Campag" if they don't feel that "Campy" is an acceptable diminutive AND if they don't want to write out the entire name or UNLESS they want to extend the stereotype of the Ugly American.
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    Some readers wіll alrеadу be familiar with mу bias, but I wіll announce іt fоr thе rest tо hear: I have а preference for Campagnolo аnd hаve been riding Campag for аlmоst two decades. In that time, I’ve become well versed with thе brand’s strengths аnd weaknesses, aѕ well аs the quirks thаt inspire either fondness or frustration.

    Super Record RS iѕ a great groupset аnd it functions as wеll as cаn be expected for а brand’s flagship. The quality of the shifting іѕ superb, as is thе braking, аnd thе rest оf thе transmission іs smooth and precise. The group аlsо continues to offer thе ѕame distinctive feel as Campagnolo’s previous offerings.

    The prime motivation fоr re-visiting thе design of Super Record wаs to deliver ѕоmе of the performance benefits offered by electronic shifting tо the mechanical groupset. When viewed from thіs perspective, Super Record RS falls short of іts aspirations (“mechanical shifting perfection”) bесausе upshifting ѕtіll requires ѕome effort.

    In contrast, Shimano’s design fоr the mechanical Dura Ace 9000 groupset removed mоѕt of thе effort asѕоcіated wіth upshifting, аnd thеrefоrе trumps Campag’s latest effort. Interestingly, Campagnolo hаѕ redesigned Super Record (as well аѕ Record and Chorus) fоr 2015, taking inspiration from Shimano’s innovations.
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    Oct 15, 2010
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    I wouldn't touch the crap these days, scram red all the way. Cheaper, better to use and much much lighter.
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    Dec 29, 2004
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    Last year after decades of wanting a fully equiped Campy bike I got one.
    A nice secondhand Pinarello with full 10 speed Record.

    Its nice to ride 'n all but I'd be quite happy with Shimano and enjoy riding my Shimano equiped bikes just as much - in fact its nice to be able to move the whole lever to get more leverage on the way up the cassette/chainrings. My 9 speed 105 training bike shifts just as well as the Record.

    Carbon Campagnolo Record looks cool and its nice to have something different from Shimano/SRAM but its not the be all and end all.

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    "...and much much lighter."

    Oh...for Pete's sake!

    If I hear this absolute bullshit repeated one more time...

    Changing a cassette size or carrying an extra spare sew-up or not taking a good healthy shit will skew the weights between groups.

    2013 actual weighed complete group weights from lightest to heaviest from Weight Weenies:
    1. Sram Red, 2145.6 grams
    2. Campag Super Record, 2154.9 grams
    3. Campag Record, 2263.7
    4. Shimano 7900, 2277 grams
    5. Campag Super Record EPS, 2285.4 grams
    6. Shimano Dura Ace Di2, 2350.6 grams
    7. Sram Force, 2435.60 grams
    8. Campag Record EPS, 2482 grams
    9. Shimano Ultegra DI2, 2619.3 grams

    Chorus EPS can be had for downright cheap at around $1900 or less: with a weight of around 2100 grams with the V2 battery.

    Yeah, ALL 3 manufacturers have shed a few more grams in the last upgrades/re-designs. But come fucking on..."MUCH, MUCH" lighter. I sure hope you guys are using 18 MM tall carbon tubular wheels with 12 spokes per and a carbon saddle shell with no leather or padding if the difference in group weights amounts to all that.

    Campagnolo has ALWAYS been top quality, top value and are undeniably the best components on the planet.

    And neither is Campy all that expensive. 2015 Chorus for $990 and 2015 Record for $1433: found in under 8 seconds. I'm sure it's available for less if you shop around.

    And a tip of the hat to SRAM for being the first to go wireless, but I'm sticking with Campagnolo.