Anyone want to ride of a cliff with me???


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Jan 29, 2003
3 runs!!! 3 runs !!! How could we loose!!!!!!!!!! Vo2, you should have given us that wild card for the 1/4 finals...

My heart feels like it was ripped out stomped on chewed and given back to me in a doggy bag.....

:( :(

It seems like it was the beginning of the end....But give our "Boytjies" credit...I did not even think they will make 200..

Only the this space!!!!:D
It was a good game to loose. I would rather us end second in our pool than first. The fact that we came so close to such a large total also sets us up with a good net run rate, which may come in handy later.
Like I predicted, the Windies are now almost sure of a Super 6 place. Lara is awesome once he settles. I'm glad he came good.
As for Donald, I wonder what the heck was wrong with him? Not the Donald I know.
Yep, soooo close, (wanted to insert a smiley- Couldn't find one that was crying!)
At least Zulu came good except for that fundemental error at the end when he didn't cross with Boje :mad: What was he thinking??? Maybe he should be put on the bench and given "The basics of cricket" to study before the next tight game?
I agree with you VO2 on AD, he better shape up, and the rest of the guys must sit down and have a long hard think.
How was Gazza's dismissal, did you see the look on his face when he saw where the ball ended up??
We will get them in the play-offs if they get there!!!
Ouch! I bet the landing left a bitter taste in your mouth? Kinda nutty... :D
Nah - my bike stayed well clear. I had several macadamia nuts also down my briefs and none of those broke either.
Having said that. About half n hour earlier I skied a rather large jump and screwed it mid-air thus hitting a tree with aforementioned appendage arrangements tangled in never-mentioned seat set-up.
T'was yonder pain in aforementioned groin:eek:

But - with the benefit of hindsight (accident on yonder jump) I pursued my day with poundage of aforementioned yonder ground on my mind but went on to blitz!

The tree is still 'urting the aforementioned arm in a hindsight position.

The moral: never presume a tree will hindsight you in an aforementioned position without appendage arrangements in the appropriate blitz :D

If you make sense of this: God bless ya!
:eek: You see, that is precisely why I keep to the road, I always had Mtb's but I seemed to write myself off constantly on them..Reckon I would like to live to 30 so decided to go Roadie..

PS: roKeMS...I am still envious about that move....great for the grandchildren one day:D :D

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