Apollo Fusion, ladies Hybrid bike...What do you think?


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Mar 3, 2010
I need some help here! There is this apollo fusion bike on sale, I can get it for £120 which I think it is a very good price (reduced from £399:confused: - got the 1/3 off discount also ), but not sure if it is really good or I should wait and get something better (some budget restrictions though!). I use the bike to cycle from and to the train station at work so 3 miles each way, not too long really. I have a folding bike also so depending on what time I take trains/ plans after work I either take the folding or the normal bike. I currently have a mountain bike but not really happy. As I had inveested already some money on the folding, need to limit myself on the budget for the other bike. I think a hybrid one would be a good option...

Any thoughts on the apollo fusion?
here the specifications and also the link