Apple Peeler - thanks


Dee Randall

New purchase yesterday at BJ's. I can count on BJ's to always have a new
piece of kitchenware to tempt me. I never know what it will be. I'm glad
I'd read the postings here and was ready to buy it, and there it was!
I believe it is the same as
same brand, anyway. $14.99 at BJ's. Not a bad price.
Now tomorrow -- get some apples.
Yesteday I saw "Pink Ladies" apples which joggled my memory that I had read
someone mentioning here, but I was thinking at the time, "Is that an
alcoholic drink"? But there they were, a whole bin of them -- can't
remember the price. But I thought, I'll need that apple peeler first. A
few stops later I found the apple peeler, but too late to go back to get the
Pink Ladies. I'll probably have to buy something at Costco. The apples
there which were very reasonable in price have taken a jump in the last
month. But definitely still reasonable. They have been packaging them in
bubble packages, that might be the reason.
Dee Dee