Apples to oranges 2011 Trek Utopia or 2007 Trek 8000


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Jul 7, 2010
So i'm riding 80% street right now, the rest actually on trails. Half the time on the street I'm towing my son around in his chariot.

It's been ten years since i've bought a bike. Right now I'm trying to decide between two bikes. I feel I don't know enough about components or new bikes at all to know if the used one is a good deal or not. I really don't know if I need an 8 series trek for what I do, but I love high end stuff. And that fact it was a $2000 bike.

So the 2007 Trek 8000 is $1000 canadian, one owner barely used. Comes with two sets of tires, ones more for street.

The 2011 Trek Utopia is $872
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What is the better buy for me?