Araya & Ukai availability

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Bruce Lange

A few questions about Ukai & Araya rims for those in the business.

Is the Ukai 20A still being made? I notice it's in the J&B "consumer area" listings, but then again
so are the MA2s. J&B also appears to be the one distributing these rims built on Sora hubs that are
popping up here and there. Do they have a sweetheart deal with Ukai or are the rims also available

36 hole, polished, double eyelets, non-machined, reasonably lightweight and ?affordable? If these
are well made they would seem to be the "ideal"
r.b.t. rim in the absence of MA2s. Aside from the Torelli Master they seem to be one of a kind.

Also curious about other Ukai and Araya rims. I found Araya's Japanese website but not any info
about their rims (although I did discover that they make a pretty cool wheelchair suspension
system). Couldn't find a Ukai website. Despite our recession, isn't the dollar still a lot stronger
verses the yen than it was when Ukai and Araya got squeezed out of the US market? There could be an
opportunity there for a savvy entrepreneur. What would keep them from seriously getting back into
the US market? We could certainly use some more competition.

To those in Europe, are Ukai and Araya rims available there? Australia?

Thanks in advance,

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