Arcata celebrates Skot, Denise Hill is Back Leaves Reno amid fanfare

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  1. Skot Paschal rode the last 15 miles in to Arcata today with Mayor Bob Orneleas who had the day
    before wrenched his back and stepped on a nail. And such misfortune could not have happened to a
    more loving man. After working with him this last week, I can see why it is no wonder that the
    Arcata citizenry keeps reelecting him and when he says he needs help with a project everyone pitches
    in. He told the media he had a bikes story he wanted coverage for and they were there. He asked the
    Chamber of Commerce to help and they got some of the business community out to celebrate Skot, We'll
    have a full report soon but for now, here is a worthy smattering of Pocket Mail (Eugene to Arcata)
    reports from another man who everyone, specially children, loves, Skot Paschal :

    **Hanging w/mayor Bob** Hey Hey What Do You Say? Now finds me at a party with the cool mayor BobO
    and his pals. We went to the hot tubs and then pub time. The media was there and I'll be on the
    evening news and morning paper. This town has treated me and NBG quite well. Now it's time to figure
    step next one. Everyone says it cannot be done. Too hot, weekend traffic and no shoulders. Avid
    riders say "forget about it." I'll sleep on it. Maybe if I get to Redding...crazy.

    People are all around that walk. They talk of houses, and babies, bills Me I think of the redwood
    avenue that welcomed me this day, the fog and road that rolled. Thoughts that questioned if I can.
    There are many things that people say that really are important but nothing like the soul. For it
    takes big effort away from comfort town a place that could be queasy, the road is south of
    uncertain, take a chance baby, 'tis easy,

    it's just shy of noon and Mayor BobO is to be here at 12:30 to ride into town and celebration. I got
    up at 4:30 and have rode a ton already. My legs are crashing, the rest of the day in Arcata will be
    rest and decision: no way to Ride Chico in a day and a half. There is up an down major mountain
    climbing and over 100 deg. heat.

    trying to be good, embrace another long hill cherish the cold that sends a hundred chills. sing with
    the strain and pain, because i could be working. Which is more valuable:health or wealth?

    Put your hands on your cross your hand and wiggle your knees, I'm in Charleston. There is
    a bridge outside of North Bend/Coos Bay that's a mile long, sheer drops and today the wind was so
    bad that I had to fight to keep out of roaring trucks, speeding cars and crashing water. Halfway
    across one word kept me going "Beer", so my pledge was to ride until tap beer could be found. Oyster
    cove solved all my woes and a veal special that was BUTTER.

    Oregon is resurfacing the roads and they are a joy. The bike lanes have enough room to dance in.
    This is THE bike state. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    Mr. Mayor, here I come..details sketchy; as is the road less pedaled.

    Now a zen moment.

    There are ripples in rivers blown treetop waves dune in progress and the day. To see beyond the
    source puts the fun in profound and sparkle- snap in your sashay.

    the wind made me do it,

    95 at noon 65 at 6 This is wild. Earlier I was hiding under a roadside bush for relief from the
    intense rays and now I find myself rubbing my hands together for some warmth. The last 15 miles were
    led by a monster headwind that kept me about 5 mph. This was a tough day of challenges. I need to
    set up tent and hide away. This is probably one of the few downright chilly places in the country.
    There is a sign by the kitchen window that has a kneeling/praying figure and the quote is:
    "Waitress...Ple-e-e-ze! Bring my order." I've been warned.

    There are sounds today and smells renewed of blackberries rivers and geese. The road is here to
    bring me back to where we all need be. there is no vcr no dvd not even a remote control. Only me,
    the blacktop and a spirit that can't be found on any TV.

    Yield and you can stay centered. -Lao Tzu

    Local access to PocketMail mobile e-mail now available in Europe, North America & Australia

    And yet another relay ride had a ceremonial send off today. Reno kicked our ride off to Sacramento
    from their City Hall amid even more excitement. And not only is Jim Muellner back but so is Denise
    Hill. I'll let them fill U i on the details:

    Hi All You Wonderful People: Wow, everything went very well. The Reno Gazette, Channel 8 TV, David
    Aizzi, Commissioner and Reno City Councilman read the proclamation. Also, Steve Frady, the Public
    Relations Officer was there to lend his support. And especially my surprise guest DENISE HILL now
    from Salt Lake City, where she is a researcher for the forest service. She looks great and is
    excited about rejoining the ride. She has not decided how far she can ride, but will let me know as
    we ride. Tim, from Deux Gros Nez, was our leader and led us to city hall and back. He wants to show
    us the recommended route out of town and ride part of it. We are off. Jim


    location: Hallelujah Junction, CA

    hey Martin, what's your state flower? because it was on the sign that said "Welcome to

    yes, I've jumped back on for one more leg, Reno - Sacramento. this one's got mountains, lakes, and
    rivers, and a state I've never been to. besides, the stark contrast of my bike shorts tan line was
    starting to fade; it was time to ride.

    I arrived in Reno this morning and easily found Jim at Deux Gros Nez. it's a predominantly
    vegetarian cafe and the decor is very "bike," so I liked the city straight away. owner Tim is a
    former racer who once rode from Reno to Sacramento in a day. I was inspired.

    we had the proclamation ceremony, replete with TV cameras and interviews, and Tim treated us to
    lunch at his cafe while we pored over the map. then I got a new front tire and a water bottle cage
    (woohoo, dehydration be damned!) and we were off.

    it was an easy riding day (I was just glad I remembered how to pedal), and despite the heat there's
    a wonderful breeze going so it wasn't bad. we're camping out somewhat near a convenience store,
    which doesn't sound too glamorous, but the free facilities, picnic bench and surrounding mountainous
    scenery are more than enough.

    and I'm in California!!

    fingers crossed for Lance,

    Denise (and Jim)

    Local access to PocketMail mobile e-mail now available in Europe, North America & Australia

    Skot Paschal Skot can be reached on the road at: [email protected]

    67 year old, trike riding Jim Muellner can be found at His email on the road is:
    [email protected]

    Denise Hill
    Ms.php one of the stars of the DC to Pittsburgh relay leg can be reached at [email protected]

    If you want to start from the beginning and/or follow Jim our other NBG relay riders as they move
    forward in the National Mayors' Ride at
    <>, point to their blog at
    <>. All of this excitement will
    al be consummated at the second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike FestĀ  on Sunday August 17 c/:eek:

    btw: If you want to become a rider, we still welcome you!! Go to
    <>, to find out how!! btw2: We
    have pictures from the various ride legs on line at btw3: If you want to see who these
    cyclists are, go to <>

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    Ever wanted anything so bad U were willing to die for it? Really die? By moving thru clinical death
    and reversing paralysis, *I saw God* when I answered that question.

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