Are high end MTB tires worth the money?


New Member
Jan 4, 2006
Probably next summer I will have to buy a new set of tires. Some high end tires that I see such as Michelin, Hutchinson, and Continental look nice, and I'm sure they're good tires, but they cost more than some performance automotive tires! When I bought my Diamondback MTB 5 years ago I immediately replaced the front original Kenda tire with a less knobby cheap "Diamond Brand" Chinese tire because I felt this tire was better suited for going fast on the corners on pavement. I actually bought this tire for only $6 9 years ago, it used to be on my previous bike. I have ridden many times on some very punishing terrain, through rain and snow, took corners at scary speeds, and have done several long distance rides through many different countries. I have over 8000km on this tire and it has performed flawlessly, only one flat in its life time. So with all that said, are high end mtb tires really worth the extra money? The only thing I like about the Michelin tire is the cool logo on the sidewall, makes the bike look hardcore, but I'm not willing to spend $60 just for a cool logo. What does everyone else think about highend tires vs budget tires?

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