Are there any special maintenance tips for carbon fiber bikes?


New Member
Aug 24, 2005
Hey fellow cyclists,

Ive been enjoying my new carbon fiber bike, and Ive been keeping up with the regular maintenance Id do for any bike. However, Ive been wondering if there are any special maintenance tips to keep in mind specifically for carbon fiber bikes? I know theyre lighter, stiffer, and more expensive, so I want to make sure Im doing everything I can to keep it in top shape.

Are there any unique cleaning, storage, or handling practices that can extend the life of a carbon fiber bike? Ive heard some conflicting information about using certain cleaning products, and I want to make sure Im not inadvertently causing any damage.

Do I need to worry more about impact damage due to the materials properties? How about the effect of temperature and weather on carbon fiber bikes?

Im eager to learn from your experiences, so please share any tips you have, even if they seem obvious. Im here to learn and improve my bike maintenance game!


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