Are these campag only cranks?

They wouldn't know or care whose chain was on the teeth or from what continent the front derailleur that shifted that chain came from.

Edit: Chain width (number of speeds) must be compatible with chainring specs. If that's an 11-speed chainring set then it will work with 11 speed, 10 speed and to a lesser extent with 9 speed setups.
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Forgot to add: the seller may be referring to Campagnolo's 110 MM BCD 5-hole chainrings fitting the FSA spider, but FSA rings are widely available (on the web, same as Campagnolo rings) so 'why' being Campy compatible in any attribute is kind of meaningless.

If they can run (without wearing the heck out of them) Shimano 10 speed I might buy them.
WHAT exactly are you asking?

AFAIK, the FSA Vero cranks probably use an ISO square taper BB ... an older square taper FSA Gossamer crankset which I have is designed to be used a 102mm Campagnolo Record/Chorus BB, but any symmetrical, square taper (either ISO or JIS) can theoretically be used if one doesn't care about the presumed-to-be-optimal Q-Factor ...

A JIS BB spindle will automatically shunt the arms out about an additional 5mm (total) ... so, a 113mm asymmetrical (longer on the non-driveside) JIS spindle would be like using an asymmetrical 118mmm ISO spindle with an ISO (Campagnolo/SunTour/Sugino/etc.) crankset ...

Basically, I can use a 113mm Shimano (JIS) Cartridge Bottom Bracket for with either of my 90s vintage Campagnolo cranksets & my recollection is that the result Q-Factor is 150mm​

I would think that what YOU need to ask the seller is whether the crank uses a 102mm or 111mm (?) spindled BB ... or, some other length!?!

The square taper Mirage/Veloce/Centaur use an asymmetric spindle (longer on the non-driveside), BTW, which I believe is 111mm long (¿possibly, 115mm?) ...

When in doubt, check the spec of the FSA Vero Bottom Bracket.​

Campagnolo has a symmetrical 111mm BB which in intended for their post-1998 Record/Chorus TRIPLE cranksets.​

BTW. You cannot use a JIS crankset on an ISO Bottom Bracket spindle because it will "bottom out" before being snug.

If you are asking about FSA-Shimano/SRAM compatiblity ...

AFAIK, FSA strives to be Shimano (and therefore, SRAM ...) compatible as far as their chainring compatibility ...

A 10-speed FSA chainring should be compatible in a Shimano-or-SRAM drivetrain.

No offense to Wipperman/etc., but an incompatibility (poor front shifting) may-or-may-not arise when you opt to use a non-Shimano chain with a Shimano drivetrain ...

Similarly, a non-SRAM chain with a SRAM drivetrain may-or-may-not induce occasionally dodgy front shifting.​
BTW ...

Read part of the the preceding as:

A 10-speed FSA chainring should be compatible in a similarly designated Shimano-or-SRAM drivetrain.