Are These Zipp 303s, 11 Spd Compatible?


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Jan 23, 2009
I'm shopping for 303s. According to the decals, do you know if these ones are Shimano 11 spd compatible? The owner doesn't know.




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Jul 23, 2005
If you are asking if the wheel as pictured will accept an 11-speed Shimano Cassette, then presuming it is a Shimano/-compatible wheel then PROBABLY NOT ...

But, you can probably replace the existing Freehub BODY with an 11-speed Shimano/-compatible Freehub BODY ...

I think that you should anticipate spending about $65+ for the replacement Freehub body + about $35 for your LBS to install it.

Of course, if you are handy, then you can swap the Freehub bodies as a DIY project.

BTW. If it is simply a matter of buying-and-using some 11-speed Shimano/-compatible shifters, then (by my reckoning) you CAN use them with a 10-speed Shimano/-compatible Cassette as long as you adjust the rear derailleur's Hi-Lo, accordingly ...

Alternatively, you could buy a Campagnolo compatible rear wheel BECAUSE (after possibly adjusting the rear derailleur's Hi-Lo stops), an 11-speed Campagnolo wheel can be used with an 11-speed Shimano shifter, and vice-versa (the real significance is that an 11-speed Shimano rear Cassette can be used with a set of Campagnolo shifters)

AFAIK, any post-2000 (post-1998?) Campagnolo compatible Freehub can accept the current 11-speed Campagnolo Cassettes ...

OF COURSE, if you are swapping Freehub bodies, you can opt for a Campagnolo-compatible Freehub body as an alternative IF you are willing to pony up for their Cassettes.

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