Are Ye Dutch Or Amish?

swampy1970 said:
The only thing wrong with that pic is the mirrors. Why???????????????
I was gonna ask about the dork disk on the cassette...

The mirror is just bought and as you see in the picture they don't look at it so they wont be vain.

It's bought in order to place pictures of Jesus on it later.
Did you see that?????? :D


Mirrors? Obviously to keep a wary eye out for the drunken men-folk behind the wheel reins of an out-of-control buggy. Amish drag races gone bad!

Here we see the shimaNO ProTour squad discussing Wiggo's wimpy beard. Notice the new, extreme sloping top tubes and check out he deep section aero wheels on Eli's TT machine.


Some sects allow modern multi-gear bicycles to be ridden and some sects do not allow tires filled with air (solid tires or foam-filled tires only). In my area I have to drive about 100 miles to find a decent pro-level bike store. However, I can buy an Amish push-bike at the local Amish hardware store just a 15-minute buggy ride from here.

All the local Amish smoke dope, smoke cigarettes, drink beer and toss their empties all over the county, have cell phones and every modern convenience (as long as they can power it with a Honda gas engine), solar panels and electric lights, but those poor kids have to use the push-bikes in my AO.
Wow, what the frack are those? Never saw those before - "push bike" - weird. Ah, the Amish, I know, it's not poite to question someone's religious/cultural choices - but Jesus, I thought I was cra-cra! :p Isn't it all a little arbitrary - you can use bike style X and still get into heaven but if you use style Y you're burnin' for all eternity? Don't break the rules by hooking up to the Grid, but bend them as far as you can by running things off a Honda generator?

Well, I guess any religion has its foibles. They just renamed the Catholic church about a mile from my office last year - seems they had a bit of a PR issue after it was discovered the good Father who ran the parish oh so many years was partaking of the altar boys in an unholy manner. Of course, it's all equal opportunity, we also had the Methodist minister who was robbing banks on the side to support his habit at the Motor City Casino. And, wasn't it Creflo Dollar who was just in the news for spending what, $68 Million on a private jetliner or something like that.

I'll be burning in Hell, I know I'll be burning in Hell, and I'm ok with that, because if I went to Heaven, I wouldn't ever get to seem most of my family members again. :D ;)
MotownBikeBoy said:
Isn't it all a little arbitrary - you can use bike style X and still get into heaven but if you use style Y you're burnin' for all eternity?

I'll be burning in Hell, I know I'll be burning in Hell, and I'm ok with that,
If you are using bike "A" you are in heaven. If you are using bike "B" you are already burning in hell. :p :D




Specialized - you had me at "Hello" :)

It's soooooooooo pretty! I swear, you could collect those things just as art.
shimaNO = da debil!

SRAM = Purgatory

Campagnolo = Divine Inspiration <Queue the Heavenly Hostesses!>

Local 'Bishops' set the local rulz for their individual sects. Push-bikes are the 'rulz' in my hood, but hey there Eli! You can have a magnificent BobCat Skid Steer Loader as long as you have the dealer foam-fill the tires. Rough ride, but no flats to worry about.

Amish live off the grid, but that doesn't mean they can't have a roof full of Chicom solar panels. The Amish do solar if they can afford the installation.

They also have kick-ass farm equipment. Tires with no air, but a V-4 Wisconsin engine to power their horse drawn baler or haybine! They own many portable sawmills in my area and timber the Hell out of the land.

You want to watch a group ass-rape Mother's the Amish. They clear-cut a patch of woods down like no rain forest farmer could ever get done with a wild fire.

Overall, the Amish are decent enough, but you really got to watch them in a field sprint. They're ridin' dirty.
Funny one. Beaver County, it must have taken a great deal of thought for them to name that. The Amish are kind of cool. My dog doesn't like them though. I like how they live. They are famous for not paying taxes. They side step quite a bit. Chuck wagons and living simple. I've not spoken to one. I'm just wondering what they are like. I imagine them to be like a combo of the Jehovahs, Orthodox Jews, and something out of an old cowboy movie. They just seem interesting.
They are closely related to the Mennonite Churches. Which I've not even heard of. The Amish are Anabaptist; Christians who believe in delaying baptism until the person confesses his or her faith. This is sort of interesting. Good idea maybe.

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