Are you addicted to looking at road bike photos? find out why!


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May 6, 2020
"Looking at bicycle photos will waste your time all day if there was no self control" Those are the words that I am sure will utter from the mouth of all non-bicycle lovers. I don't think it is nice to call them "haters"although that is the harsh reality but I do find ways to ignore them in a respectful manner. YES! They must be respected because one of those haters might be your wife. Females don't attack me now but my wild estimation told me that about 90% or more of wives don't like when their husband get addicted to bike. This is because bicycle can have the same impact as drugs; The moment you see a new bike or bike parts that is when the heart decided to pound on the chest and your hands start to dig deep in your pocket to find at least a lot of money to buy what you desire because most bikes and parts are not cheap. Is that a bad thing though? I know I am guilty of doing that so I will leave you with that rhetorical question to ponder. The reason we are addicted to looking at road bike photos is simply because it satisfies our desire of wanting to see "A new bike" or
"What kind of bike is out there". Please bear in mind that this might lead to jealousy or greed because we might end up wanting to own what we see. With that said; I will share with you a secret website that I used to full my eyes with adorable bicycle photos. The website is no other than.... The website is kinda new so please share the link so more people can visit and upload more bike photos to full my eyes!

No wife problems here. She encourages me to buy bike stuff.

I like new bikes but have a hard time justifying the price. I have decent bikes and spend more money on accessories. I look once in a while to see what is available but to look at bike pictures all day, not my thing. I'd rather take pics. :D

One thing that has stopped me from looking at bikes is the too much technology aspect. I don't admire the electronic shifting, disc brakes. Actually deters me from looking at new bike pics.

Cycling wife, unlimited bike shop visits, unlimited internet purchases, not a problem here! :p

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