Are You Comfortable in Spandex?

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
After reading a few threads in Next Gen, I thought I'd get a thread going here. Some of the comments were, if you can make yourself look good in spandex you'll never have a problem getting a date. Another, some guys look like they're trying to show off their stuff. Sorry not word for word, but similar.

I myself was shy at first. Till one day I was leaning up against a window at a convenience store when a good looking woman walked by saying, you have really nice legs. Thank you!

But I'm a man, got to take what I can.

On the other hand, my wife Gina. Women get more comments. She's a really curvy girl. Still at 60 guys, even young guys still put an eye on her body in spandex.

Funny because Gina is really shy and quiet and really reserved. But on the bike she'll wear spandex no problem and even tops that show some.

She's actually self conscious about having a big round booty but that's what was dealt at birth.

So f we go on a ride, I don't feel self conscious but Gina being the self conscious one receives a lot more comments than I ha ha ha!

I'm usually at the front so we've had friends draft her wheel entire rides. Iv had about 3 or 4 guys come up to me after the ride saying I don't mean no disrespect but damn she's got a sexy azz. If she wears a lighter top during summer, more comments. I'm a picture taker and taken pics of Gina with friends and during summer wardrobe they often remind me to send them a copy.

I don't think either one of us has a problem. Even after rides, if we stop for lunch I'll put shorts over my spandex. Gina goes in spandex. She says she shy but I'm not so sure I believe her.

Just me, a big guy on spandex. Nothing much to look at.


Gina with some junk in the trunk. I have a couple ride partners who are always willing to ride her wheel. She says it doesn't bother her and she pays no attention.

In a summer top. She says she's shy. I had one friend take a pic with her, arm around her in this top. He got pretty excited when he saw the pic asking for a copy. Wish I had saved it just because of the happy look on his face ha ha ha.
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Dec 7, 2022
Your wife definitely looks a lot younger than 60!

I prefer loose casual everything. I have the form to show off but I'd rather NOT to.

Besides, the loose clothing helps keep my speed safe on very long descents without having to drag my brakes all the way down.
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