Are You Taking NEUROPLEX ??? (Better Stock Up!)


Mark Thorson

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"Abstract: Neuroplex Contains Bovine Brain Tissues, Vitamins, Minerals, And Co-Enzymes To Maintain
Healthy Function Of The Nervous And Endocrine Systems The use of glandular therapy, in which
specific animal organ and gland tissues are ingested for the concentrated nutrients present in them,
has had a long history of use across a variety of cultures. The basic premise in glandular therapy
is "like heals like. Bovine brain tissues like the pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary, are combined
with bovine liver and spleen in Neuroplex, to provide concentrated nutrients that are especially
supportive to their parallel tissues in the human body. Vitamins and minerals contained in Neuroplex
enable enzymes and hormones to function properly, contributing to the healthy maintenance of the
nervous, endocrine, and immune systems, as well as other control functions for the body."

Quoting from:

The first interim final rule will ban the following materials from FDA-regulated human food,
(including dietary supplements) and cosmetics:

Any material from “downer” cattle. (“Downer” cattle are animals that cannot walk.)

Any material from “dead” cattle. (“Dead” cattle are cattle that die on the farm (i.e. before
reaching the slaughter plant);

Specified Risk Materials (SRMs) that are known to harbor the highest concentrations of the
infectious agent for BSE, such as the brain, skull, eyes, and spinal cord of cattle 30 months
or older, and a portion of the small intestine and tonsils from all cattle, regardless of
their age or health; and

The product known as mechanically separated beef, a product which may contain SRMs. Meat
obtained by Advanced Meat Recovery (an automated system for cutting meat from bones), may be
used since USDA regulations do not allow the presence of SRMs in this product.
Which cosmetics are affected?


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