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Hi Guys, What can I say, disaster struck in Misty Hills and my race was over but then I start to enjoy the ride. This is one hell of a dangerous outing. It seems to me that cyclist are so psyched up that they left the brains at home. I only which the guy with the blue clothing is on TV, as he tried his best to wave for every person with the one hand, but when he saw a Camera man, boy O boy, this clown is waving with both hands. Yes, he was in the “F” group. And my time was a disastrous but gladly appreciated 3h43
Hi Pothole, did you have an accident at Misty Cliffs? My race was just as bad, because I did not make my time that I so wanted to do. Did it in 3:47 :'( But luckily I'm safe at home and there will definitely be a next year. I'll just train harder at hills, because that is where the bunches dropped my like a bad habbit!!
Hey man, I lost about 20 min there and jump in with the J's when they pass. So I tried to make up some time by pushing as hard as I could up Ou Kaapse Weg, that was still Ok, but my killer was that hill after Edinbrugh drive. I could feel the effort takes it toll. This is where my mental side told me "Dont worry, try again next year". But the damm problem is that I trained for this year's race, not next year's. But that fine, I had a bad day and I did put it behind me. I'm looking forward to the next funride. But yes, what I can gether is that most of my friends did 10 to 15 min longer.
;D Hi All... Pothole & Roadster - First of all, WELL DONE, YOU FINISHED THE 2002 ARGUS CHALLENGE! Don't worry, I didn't get my goal either (sub 4) :'( In the end, I was very happy with my 4:07 - because I stopped at least 3 times for drinks with that HEAT!!! It was once again an awesome experience to be part of, everything went perfectly, my training felt enough, but I still got a wake up call before 10km when I realised this race is much tougher than I remembered from last year, when I did my first! The euphoria last year oblitirated the toughness of it all, but I remembered real quick ;) Anyway, I stuck it out, and it got real fast around 52km... and before I knew it, the NEVER-ENDINGGGGGGG Ou Kaapse Weg!!!!! Man oh Man, with the heat, those lonnnnng lonnnnng hills sure were a CHALLENGE! But we conquered them!!! I let out a WHOOPLA of joy at the top, and then it was homeward bound.... at some points I felt so energy-less, but in the next instant, I'd be sprinting like my life counted on it. When I knew I didn't have the sub 4, I still kept going for that elusive 'FINISH' and what a well deserved medal that was! Also, last year my racing (not social ride) time was 4:35. This year I've taken off 30min, in that heat, so knowing my training paid off is more reward than the personal goal I had set of sub 4. Thanks to everyone involved in the 2002 Argus, from the organisers, to the spectators and my fellow riders - 3 cheers for you all! ;D :) ;D 8) :D
Elsa, I endorse all you've written! ;D Here's my war story. ::) Did 4:50 and crossed the finish line feeling fairly good all considered, even a sprint with two of my group up the rise near the finish by the motorway. Lost about 10 min at top of OuKaapseWeg to take on water and cool down. Collected my medal etc and suddenly feel dizzy. Not alarmed as I have low BP normally and this usually happens on stopping but only lasts a few minutes. This time the dizziness got worse so I thought not BP must be blood sugar. :'( I'm diabetic and have to watch what I take in so I refused ice cold beer! :eek: :'( Instead went to casualty to get blood sugar checked. Place like a war battle station! Bodies everywhere, doctors, nurses, physios etc all rushing round. Get immediate attention. BP, blood sugar, vital signs and details all quickly checked. Get covered with an ice cold soaking wet blanket and doc tells me I'm dehydrated and I will feel better in about 20 mins after they've run a litre of saline into me. I'm feeling rough by now and doubt that. :'( But he's right and the recovery was almost miraculous. (Next year I'm welding a drip stand on my chain stay and carrying a couple of those saline bladders. ;D)
On a serious note the poor guy in the next stretcher is unconscious and his wife who had also ridden was crying. Can't help keep thinking he may have been one of the guys who died. Really tragic! Also saw someone getting CPR on the roadside.
Afterwards I looked at the data on my S710 HRM and saw max temp had been 42C. :eek: Couldn't believe it. I guess having that info on the HRM IS useful after all. With temp that high AND the degree of HUMIDITY in CT, all us Transvaalers were in a potentially dangerous situation which we maybe didn't realise. Only way to train for that is to train a minimum of two weeks in high temp HUMID conditions. So I guess although we have the advantage on the Highveld of training at altitude and we have high temps we don't have the humidity. Something to keep in mind for the Tour D'Durban next month?!
Anyhow, as Elsa said, anyone who just finished this year did well. ;D I was a little disappointed with my time at first as I was aiming at 4:30 but when I heard everyone else's realistic expectations were also 15-30 min down I felt quite happy with my time. I think we can all think this is one medal we really earned. 8) Well done everyone. ;D ;D ;D
Well done Old Timer. I'm a Capetonian now for 20 year and must say this type of temp. is new to me as well. But if you look at the weather the last 3 weeks, it was hot. I remember that I saw last week the "night" temp of 23, now this is unusual. My feeling went out to the guys who started as I came into town and I thought about it and had a couple of chats about this "late starting" situation. FIRSTLY, There is just to many "slow" riders in the front groups and SECONDLY they must start looking at their Qualifying system. Surely 2 years record is to long ago. I suggest they have 3 qualifyers per province 6 months prior to the Argus ans they use the best 2 overall. If a rider do more qualifyers, the best 2 still counts.
Hi everyone,
I couldn't agree more with Pothole regearding the hated "Q" word but I do feel it has to come.
It was my first Argus this year and I realy struggled, but I've done 3 100KM+ races before D-day. By getting the people to compete beforehand it will ensure 2 things-
Firstly you will ensure some level of fitness amongst the riders wich will help a lot in conditions like we experienced this year.
Secondly riders will be race-experienced- they will be used to riding in bunches, know their handsignals, keep their lines etc.
I battled my backside off trying to get past some slower riders and handsignals was non excisting!!! (not even showing when they are drinking H2O) Granted I was amongst the unseeded riders but I at least thouhgt that other riders would be a bit more considerate, or knowledgeable, when I held out my bottle before drinking water some probarbly thought I was offering them some H2O.
With regards to my race the heat realy got to this "Vaalie" and took its toll but I finished in 4:52 (was aiming for round about 4hrs but...) I will be back again next year to try again.
Cheers :-[
HI guys and girls

It seems like I wasn't the only one who struck out this year. To all who finished, well persevered cause I think that is what it was. This was my 4th Argus and I didn't enjoy it much :(. Having to change a tire on the starting line was a prelude of more to come. I blew after only 50 km (Cape Point) and then just tried to finish. Cramps stopped me on on OKW and then they hit really bad about 4 km into the Blue Route. I slowed down and simply FELL OFF onto the side of the road. After streching I continued (very slowly) and was doing OK for the next bit. The cramps were ****ling at Hospital bend and after slowing down for a drink at the table at the top, everything cramped (calves, quads and hammies on both legs) and I crashed into the table with drinks flying. It was one of those days :) The physio there added another 15 minutes onto my time (3:57) which 45 minutes off my expected time.

So, to all off you who missed goals... see you at next year's Argus, fitter, stronger and I hope, much cooler :) PLS
Hi Guys, What can I say, disaster struck in Misty Hills and my race was over but then I start to enjoy the ride. This is one hell of a dangerous outing. It seems to me that cyclist are so psyched up that they left the brains at home. I only which the guy with the blue clothing is on TV, as he tried his best to wave for every person with the one hand, but when he saw a Camera man, boy O boy, this clown is waving with both hands. Yes, he was in the “F” group. And my time was a disastrous but gladly appreciated 3h43

Hey Pothole what bike you ride? You are not the guy with the blue Colnago with blue walled tyres? I may have suffered with you up Smitwinkel although my real suffering started on Ou Kaapse Weg!!! Ha, just beat you by a minute in the end. That dude in the blue clothes was really irratating. I remember riding behind him for quite a while. I eventually got past him and it was a great releif. I was also in the "F" group and had great expectations. Was actually hoping for somewhere between a 3:00 and a 3:15 but the temperature change between Smitswinkel and Oukaapse Weg realy got to me. I ended up dehydrating and had to stop 4 times at the watering points just to get fluids in. Hopefully next year will be better.....
We've still got some members still adrift from the Argus! VO2, Ouzo, Reynhardt, and Chilli-B! Where are you?! Not still out on the course I hope?! ::) (Only kidding ;D) Let us know that you're OK. ;))
PLS. I guess you had a rethink on doing a double Argus this year??? ;D
Wazat - No I've got a red/yellow saeco team colour CAAD4 C/Dale.
I agree...VO2, Ouzo, Reynhardt, and Chilli-B! - we are EAGERLY awaiting your post-war stories... :) so come back and reassure us when you're all back! ;D
For the rest of us Argus return-ees, what are you all working towards next? Tour D'Urban??? ;D
Elsa. Yeah, I'm entered for the Tour D'Urban! Anyone else doing it? ???
Wazat - No I've got a red/yellow saeco team colour CAAD4 C/Dale.

Haa, like me a flashy bike and a ride that can't justify it. What you think of the "F". Group. It looked like they were all together when they caught the "E" group. I got near the back due to our waving friend in the blue outfit. Through Scarbrough it looked like a pack of around 800 riders. Awsome and frustrating to be near the back when you want to get through and there is no gaps. The stop go pace was also very irratating. What time were you aiming for?

Just noticed they put the top times up on the cycletour website. Have a look at the tandems. Looked like an awsome bunchsprint between 8 tandems. Must have been an awsome finish.....
I agree...VO2, Ouzo, Reynhardt, and Chilli-B! - we are EAGERLY awaiting your post-war stories...  :)  so come back and reassure us when you're all back!   ;D
For the rest of us Argus return-ees, what are you all working towards next?  Tour D'Urban???   ;D

Nah, I am working on the next Argus. Quickly washed my bike yesterday afternoon and hopped on my rollers for about 10 Kilo's. First bit of training since the Argus. Haa haa. No maybe the next race will be something local so it may be a while. But in the meantime I will put on plenty of kilo's and aim for a sub 3 next year. Maybe even do the Giro if I get on form..... ;D
Wazat - No big races coming up, but I'm going to do the "veterans" winter league to keep the fitness going. My main aim for the rest of the year is the Sanlam/Burger and the Milnerton qualifier for next years argus seeding.
To Quote Old Timer on the Temperature been 42 Degree. I could not beleive the heat either. I have done about 2 weeks training in these conditions. I dehydrated once in that time and it was on a climb that is much harder than Ou Kaapse Weg. I was about 1.5 Kilo's from my turning point which is a Motel that I usually stop at to refill my bottle. The last half kilo is thankfully a slight downhill but I still had about a kilo to climb. I was crawling up this hill at around 10 kph and try as I like I was unable to get more than that. I stopped 3 times in the next few hundred meters to get my breath back then a truck came along and I grabbed on to let it get me up to the top. That was only going at 14-16 kph so it was barely faster than I could go. Anyway it was amazing to see just how dehydration can affect your system. On minute you feel fine and the next you are finished. But after filling up I was fine. Same happened to me on Ou Kaapse Weg. After the third refill at the top I basically time trialed to the finish. I think the big factor with me was the cold mist and clouds that I had on Smitwinkel which was nice and cool changing into the extreme heat on Ou Kaapse Weg.

It was not fun and i noticed a lot of riders in the Medi Tent at the end. May even have seen you there Oldtimer. I recall someone under a blanket. I just went for a massage after one of our club riders recomended it just because the lovely young ladies there. Granted I met a sweet girl on the stretching mat whos encouragement and smile sure brightened up an otherwise dissapointing day, but I really did feel better after the massage they gave me. I would normally have just gone out for around a 30 kilo ride later that afternoon just to loosen up, but the massage worked wonders.

Will be in there again next year that is for sure.
Sorry guys, been struggling the whole day to get onto this BB, it's been timing out all day.

Got back from the Cape on Friday and been pretty busy since.

The Race. Well, was 6 mintues slower than last year, the illusive sub 4 was not met. 4h19. The wind was strong up until the other side of Smitswinkel, but for some reason I cruised up Smitwinkel this year. After that it was relatively easy going. Around about misty hill area my legs were telling me that they were a bit tired. I put my head down and persisted, keeping well hydrated and taking GU every 45 minutes. I was told afterwards that I was actually pulling a bunch along with me.

Little ou kaaps hit me like a ton of bricks and I was totaly finished after that. I had to stop often going up ou Kaapse due to heat exhaustion and dehydration. I actually had a cold sweat.

The blue root was ok, I stopped once up Wynberg hill and then again halfway up Hospital bend. And onwards to the finish.

For some reason I felt very nervous in the bunches and also on the down hills I kept my speed well down.

Consdering the heat I think my time was OK, would have liked better as I trained HARD for this. I will be getting back on the bike again today, (first time after the Argus) and will be seeing what happens after that. I know I did not do enough hill training as my stamina was there but the power in the legs was not.

Until next year, I'll conquer you still Ou Kaap se Weg.

B.T.W. I took a drive along the old route from Hout Bay to Greenpoint. What a breeze, I reckon that now I'll do that course in 3:30. Suikerbossie is flat compared to ou kaaps and the rest from there is down hill. I've done this route once, but if they open it again I'll tackle it with ease.
Sorry everyone for not joining the war stories.....because of the pre-argus hype...expo and all....I didn't get too much work done, so have to catch up hectically!!!

After last year's disaster of an argus...4:27, I had to improve for this year's race. Started training in February, and did 7 races in total before the argus, most of them centuries. This was basically my training, as I didn't have too much time in the week.

Race day was an unforgettable experience...just starting at 7:05 instead of 9:20 made my day. Starting in H group I expected the pace to be high from the start....the whole group was stringed out on Eastern Boulevard after 5 minutes! There were some really fast guys in the H group, and by Muizenberg we caught up with G group. As most of you can imagine, two big groups bunched together in the narrow streets of Fish Hoek could only lead to disaster! There were so many near falls, after a while I completely forgot about the race and was just concentrating to not be knocked over! This whole concertina effect of speeding up and then slowing down again made me lose a lot of time...I would say easily 10 minutes.

Luckily the climb at Smitswinkel Bay came up....which offered more space as people were dropping off quickly. After the Cape point reserve entrance the pace upped....the stretch up to Scarborough turn-off was done at 56 km/h stuff.

Was feeling strong up to the start of Ou Kaapse...I was in a bunch that suite my pace, ie. I was trying to catch a breather before the start of the climb. There was a whole collection of riders....H, G, F even some D's. This year Ou Kaapse was really enjoyable...I averaged about 20-22km/h up the climb. Only problem was the head wind...but I shouldn't complain, we didn't have the 41C heat!!!
I must have blown away the bunch up Ou Kaapse, as the ride into the city was rather alone. Wynberg Hill and the Hospital bend wasn't too bad either...actually caught up to a faster bunch on Hospital bend.

The ride into the city down eastern Boulevard was really fast...was part of a pace line consisting of about six or seven riders. The last km's before finish was great fun....started my sprint with just under one km to go....I'm not too good with the short sprints.....pumping away furiously I just pipped four other guys on the line....great fun, it felt like going for the stage win in the Tour de France. Crossed the line at about 45 km/h....the marshals were waving frantically at us to slow down!!!!

So I completed the race in 3:18...which I was happy with, considering my previous time of 4:27. Going on how I felt at the finish I could have done the race 10 min faster...hope this happens next year when I'm in a faster bunch
Thanks for the breeze you made as you flew past me on OKW. I needed it.... ;D

Yehaaa, 20 posts. Now I stand in line for the Cateye......

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