Argus 2003


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Jan 11, 2002
Well, here we go...the OTHER big one :D<br /><br />Who else is doing this, what's your plan as far as training goes and what do you aim for?<br /><br />My aim is to try and make a good job (for me anyway) this time round ... maybe a sub 3:30 (V02 this time you can't accuse me of sandbagging ;D). <br /><br />Taking off until the early Dec. - have to go away for work. Planning to some base training in Dec. and then the rest (build &amp; strength) will follow and then of course I MUST loose some (actually a lot of it +/- 10kg) extra weight.
I'm aiming for that elusive sub 4.<br /><br />Training will resume on Sunday. I'll take it easy until early next year where I'll do the H2H and then start the strength training again.<br /><br />First thing though I want to get my bike setup properly so that my feet dont cramp again and also strip every little bearing and re-grease or replace.
I'd like to get as close to 3hrs as possible, but anything under 3hrs30 will make me happy.<br />I'll start training seriously now, and use the remaining time well.<br /><br />and Jaco, stop sandbagging! ;D
I would love to go for a sub 3hrs but I don't think there is a chance of that. I think I would probably aim for 3h20 or below (try beat my 94.7 time). Don't have a clue though, never done the race (obviously, given my 4 months cycling experience). Thankfully this time I should have a proper seeding and one of my training partners has promised to work with me (we can't yet decide who will be quicker so we need to compete directly....). <br /><br />A nice aim for those of us intending on getting into serious training now would be to make sure you aren't passed by anyone starting behind you (and preferably no-one starting with you if possible as well). I don't know what our seedings are likely to be but there is a good chance a number of us could end up in the same starting group given what our performances have been like.
Rhodent, one this to take into account in the longer distance. One of my buddies managed a 2:48 (= idex of 20) in the 2001 94.7, kept on training for the Argus and rode a 3:14 (=index of 19). <br /><br />With the 94.7 that was a bit quicker this year, I would say aiming for a 3:20 Argus would be like riding the 94.7 in 3 hours or less.<br /><br />Vo2, does that sound about right?
I'm not getting on a bike for the next two weeks. My '02 season is over. Firstly I will have to wash my girl. She got so dirty from the parking lot at Kyalami and maybe I'll wash my car aswell. Will start again in Dec with some base training and slow long endurance rides. I still have to decide if I'm gonna do the 200km club ride on the 1st of Dec.
Jaco, I am relying on a combination of extra training and the advantage of working with a group to make up the difference. There is a lot more space for training in my schedule (up till 94.7 I was probably averaging a long ride once every 2 weeks and spinning twice a week) and I feel that even 3:10 would be possible if I put in some proper effort (8-10 hrs a week). Whether I will or not is a completely different story!!
Just a few stats,<br /><br />Last year only 324 cyclists managed to get a sub 3 argus (included invitational) :eek:. To achieve a sub 3 one has to average 36.33 km/h for the full course. Only the people up to Group C managed to do that. The fastest rider in Group D got 3:03.<br /><br />The fastest female (A Schoeman) had a time of 2:57:29 and she got 02:40:11 in the 94.7. So this mean that one should at least beat or match Anriet's time in the 94.7 and have a C seeding or better to achieve a sub 3 Argus. <br /><br />Damn it's tough ;D<br />
Those stats put things into perspective. I'll stick to my goal time of 3hr30 or better.
Cadence tch tch.. What a defeatist... ...<br /><br />Oh wait, no, a realist... Damn...<br /><br />I still like the idea of everyone here trying to be the fastest in their respective starting groups (other than the guys in A, B and C groups as they don't have much room for improvement).
Just want everyone to know the hard facts. Obviously you can still be the fastest rider in your group doing a better time than the rest. In the 80's there was a rider in the sosial groups that actualy recorded a better time than the fastest Pro.
Here it is from the cycletour website<br /><br />1982<br /><br />The event was growing bigger each year, stretching the organizational capacity of owners WPPPA. An agreement with the Rotary Club of Claremont to take on the organisation of the Tour was entered into, enabling Rotary to use the Tour as a vehicle for raising funds for community projects. This arrangement continued until 2000 when the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust was formed, with Claremont Rotary involving more and more Rotary Clubs as the event grew.<br /><br />Coca Cola became the official cold drink provider.<br /><br />Mark Pinder, an un-registered UCT engineering student caused a major upset recording the fastest time of the day of 3:01:25, a minute faster than Ertjies Bezuidenhout, the first registered rider.<br /><br />The Tour was held on 20 March and it is recorded that the southeaster played havoc with bannering at the start. Unfortunately this is not the only time this has happened - ask any start official!<br />
[quote author=Rhodent link=board=15;threadid=2667;start=0#22846 date=1037715648]<br />I still like the idea of everyone here trying to be the fastest in their respective starting groups (other than the guys in A, B and C groups as they don't have much room for improvement).<br />[/quote]<br /><br />I agree Rhodent. The seeding index gives everyone the chance to be the best he/she can be.
Remembering to factor in the extra distance I'll go for 4:20 No! Make that 4:30! My memory bank forgot to factor in how hard it is! ;D ;D
<br />My aim for Argus 2003 is not getting dropped up that 6km wall! I got dropped in 2000 and 2001 and rode like I had a death wish on the descent and streaked along the blue route like a bullet train to get back - managed to get back on the bunch both times but wasted my legs so bad I had nothing for the sprint.<br /><br />Will be aiming for another sub 3 (2000 &amp; 2001 = 2:54) but 2003 I'll also be aiming for a good group finish (I'm a 30-39 vet next year).<br /><br />It's just you and me Mr. Ou Kaapse and I'm going to tame you big time!<br /><br />
Eldron that's the attitude ;D. Excelent times you have there...
Just hope it's not another scorcher like this year! I had a near death experience going up Ou Kaapse! :eek:
Me? I will train as smartly as I know how and as my other commitments allow me (balance). I will do the best I can on the day. On the day - well let my legs do the talking, but sub 3:15 will be great.
I've got a AA seeding and 8:29 start. Bit late if it's hot!
So IF everything comes together right on the day, I'll change my estimate to maybe 4:00 or a sub 4:00 Otherwise whatever happens I'll just go for a finish!