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I think the social ride is all about mingling with the spectators and other cyclists, and not about time. I'm sure there will be alot of stopping along the way to rest the buns and heaps of "carbo-loading"! ;D
Here are some interesting points relating to the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour and everything surrounding it.

Cape Town South Africa hosts this, the largest timed cycle race in the world, each year on 2nd Sunday of March. No traffic !! The Cape Peninsula comes to a stop and, other than for the top competitors, the day is one big party for both cyclists and citizens, along this dramatically scenic circular route :
• 40 000 entrants - in its 24th year • 109 km and 1250 m of climbing

Did you know that it is estimated that the total value of the bicycles used in “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour” amounts to some $15 million US Dollar. The impressive Bicycle Park at the finish is worthy of a Guinness book of records entry for the largest gathering of stationary bikes in the world.

Did you know that local businesses benefit from some thirty thousand visitors who come from outside the Western Cape to enjoy the hype of life cycle week in Cape Town? This means an estimated two hundred million rand goes into the local economy.

Did you know that “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour” started way back in 1978? Five hundred and twenty five cyclist set off on an epic journey around the peninsular. These figures have multiplied somewhat with now thirty five thousand cyclists taking part- and staying with figures, upwards of two hundred thousand spectators can view the event from various vantage points along the route.

Did you know that last year, one thousand five hundred cyclists from all around the world took part in “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour?” Cyclists from a total of thirty-seven countries flocked into the Mother City to spin their wheels, in the largest timed cycle tour in the whole world.

Did you know that this year for the first time “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour” is offering one hundred thousand rand to the winners? Sounds a bit like a good board game really, when you pass Greenpoint collect one thousand! Of course fitness, stamina and positive thinking are just some of the elements which make the winners dice ever so lucky.

Did you know that that about 110,000 liters of coke and energade is drunk on “The “Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour?” And listen to this, every cyclist eats at least two bananas during the race. That makes it approximatley sixty five thousand bananas! Now that’s alright as long as the banana skins get thrown into the dustbins, otherwise the race might end up a bit slippery for some unfortunate cyclists.

Did you know that for every eight visitors to Cape Town one local job is created. So if you’re stuck in a bit of a traffic jam on the day of “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour” relax, and remember that those extra cars with extra people are all contributing to our local revenue.

Did you know that over twenty different flags from countries all around the world are flown at the start and finish of “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour?” Just another way that the organizers make the overseas cyclists feel welcome in our mother city.

Did you know that over four hundred portable loos are ordered for “ The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour?” Apart from their obvious use they also provide a good place of refuge for grown men to have a private cry… as they take a break while battling up Ou Kaapse Weg.

Did you know that “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour” is organized and run by volunteers. On the day of the Cycle Tour more than thirteen hundred voluntary officials are required in the capacity of marshals, at refreshment stations, traffic control, medical, first aid and timekeepers. A big thank you to those Capetonians who are giving up their time to help this worthy cause, and of course also to “The Rotary Club of Claremont” for distributing the money raised by the community to the needy.”

Did you know that “Ou Kaapse Weg” now replaces Chapmans Peak on “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour?” This part of the “Cycle Tour 2002 Detour” is going to pose the most challenge for cyclists. And indeed challenge is surely what a sporting event of this magnitude is all about.

Did you know that last year, in the “Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle tour”, the medical team saw six hundred patients? Problems ranged from dehydration and heat exhaustion, to fractures from falls. Injury could also come from cyclists and motorists colliding. So if you’re driving your car on the 12th,keep a watchful look out for cyclists.

Did you know that it is not only the cyclists that are weary after the “Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour?” Physiotherapists and First Aid providers, perform literally several thousands of rubs to cyclists throughout the day. The question is this, if the cyclists are being rubbed up the “right” way by the physio, then who is “left” to rub the physio’s up!

Did you know that every year in “The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle tour” the cyclists literally “sponge” of the organizers. Yes that’s right every year a total of fifty six thousand sponges are used. That’s quite a lot of sponging down taking place!

Did you know that last year in the “Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour” there was a nursing staff of eighty. There will also be twenty doctors, one hundred paramedics and ambulance personal, three hundred physios and two hundred first aiders. This highly competent team will be spread over the route to provide the best in preventative, curative therapeutic, rescue and resuscitative services

Argus will be live on the telly this year![/siz]
Just read that they will have live crossing to the race during the day. YES !!! this is one step closer to full coverage. In addition to this there will be a 2 hour highlights package.

All this sponsored by Liberty Life. Thank you Liberty, let hope for full coverage in future.
At last, I'm back ;D ;D ;D, thanks to some good response.
So glad to hear there will be some TV coverage. It's about time.

Has anyone got any plans for after the race, like doing the La Med scene? You can see immediately who had just ridden in the Argus, people sitting down very carefully, and walking in very funny motion. :D :D

But I must say, the best feeling is that ice cold beer/cider after the race. That's when you really deserve it. :p

When is everybody driving down, or making their move that way?
Starting the 1400km drive down to CT on the Wednesday before the race. Aaaarrrggghhh!
I was thinking, maybe if you guys and gals are interested, we can arrange for a warm-up get-together ride on the Saturday. A nice easy 25km or so spin? Whatya all say?
Hi VO2

25 Km on Sat before Argus is pushing it! ::) If I do a light 30 minute cycle (12 km) it would probably be best for me. Sounds like a good idea though. There is some current opinion that such a warm up ride the day before does help performance on race day. Where is everyone staying when down here for the Argus? That might be a factor in terms of organising a starting place for the warm up ride.
Starting the 1400km drive down to CT on the Wednesday before the race. Aaaarrrggghhh!
I was thinking, maybe if you guys and gals are interested, we can arrange for a warm-up get-together ride on the Saturday. A nice easy 25km or so spin? Whatya all say?
VO2, what time you leaving ? where you leaving from ? what car will you be in ? I'm also leaving on the Wednesday. Look out for a white corolla with 2 mad guys up front and 2 hot babes in the back. :D
Ouzo, have'nt decided yet on an exact time. We'll be sleeping over halfway. Checkout for the dark-green Hyundai Elantra doing some low flying! Leaving from the South of JHB.
What will the babes be wearing? I'll keep my eyes open! WHACK!! as the wife gives me another klap against the head...

PLS, as long as I do a slow ride on the Saturday, I'm happy. We'll be staying close to the Canal Walk shopping mall thingy. We can arrange a spot that suits everyone in terms of distance.
Howzit.Warm up ride sounds like a great idea.Driving down in charcoal TDi golf, probably only leaving on Thursday though.Staying in Oranjezight, on the foot of Table Mountain. How about going around Camps Bay for the warm up ride? Go for good lunch afterwards?

Vo2,you gonna be the main organiser of this?Would make things much easier.

Oh yes, all should get together for a celebration drink afterwards, even if it is only cooldrink. Those people will be excused (only this once).
Me again.Just typed a reply, but it's disappeared from the site where I put it(or I just can't find it). Warm up ride sound cool.How about around Camps Bay area? Can go for good lunch afterwards. Also might be a good idea to get together afterwards (congratulate ourselves, I know I'm gonna need it). :p

Vo2,you wanna suggest a place to leave from? Always easier if one person organises it. :-*

Staying in Oranjezight (foot of Table Mountain), got a view of the whole city from there. Really amazing. ;D ;D
I'm a bit confused here :-/ :-/. How come on some of the General Board,Argus discussion there 5 pages to view, and some only 4? Also, the messges posted don't always appear.

Besides that, you guys feeling strong for the Argus? :eek:Something like 39 days left. That's a rather scary thought.
A ride around Camps Bay would be great 8). There should be a cool vibe and not too many hills. So count me in. I live in Rondebosch so I will drive in this once. We now need a meeting place and time. Any ideas VO2 / Chilli-B / anyone else who is keen ?

The only thing I will be looking for after the race is a cool shower and a change of clothing. Skip the drinks as a first option. But I must say they do come in a good second.
OK, lets see:

chilli-B: TDi Golf, eh? Nice! ;)

Camps Bay?: Is it safe? I mean traffic, not crime? ;D I would hate having my legs taken off by some irrate motorist a day b4 the race. Is that road safe seeing that it's somewhat narrow? If it's safe, then cool. Is everyone happy with Camps Bay? If not, then you need to post so that we can accomodate everyone in terms of distance to travel etc.
PLS, you live in Rondebosch, right? So maybe you could scout the area beforehand for a good meeting place. Something thats accessible and easy to find. I think once we've established a meeting place and everyone's happy with Camps Bay, we can organise the time and method.
Maybe we can hook-up a MASSIVE bunch with this effort? Sounds like fun!
Me again.Just typed a reply, but it's disappeared from the site where I put it(or I just can't find it).
This is abit of a worry :( when you submit your post, you should get taken to the thread you have just posted to, scroll down and your reply is tacked onto the end.

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Hiya. So are all you guys going down for the Argus keen for the warm up ride on Saturday morning? About 20kms might just be a good idea.

How about lets try and get that organised. Even a nice ride around Camps Bay would be relaxing. Anyway, all ideas would be welcomed. From there we can all agree on a place, time and distance.

Good luck with all the training. D-day is creeping closer at quite a steady pace.

BTW, is anyone doing the race this weekend in Nylstroom, the NTK race? Apparently the 105km is very flat (actually, it is). In a car anyway, going to try it on the bike now.
PLS needs to scout the Camps Bay area and find a suitable place where we can meet, probably somewhere near the Camps bay beach (or maybe Clifton ;D )
Sounds good. Could also meet at Sea Point (just thinking in terms of amount of parking available). Then from there cycle to Camps Bay (if the guys can get past Clifton ::) ::))

What time would you guys vouch for, before or round about 7am ???
Remember that we still need to collect our numbers from the Expo, and I'd like to go and watch the final stage of the Giro del Capo on Saturday morning. So maybe an afternoon ride would be better. What you guys and gals say?
HI All

Sorry I haven't been posting too often. Work calls.... I prefer an afternoon cycle but traffic in the Sea Point to Camps Bay area on a Sat afternoon will be HECTIC! An early morning cycle will definitely be best from that perspective. Chilli-B, I agree that some where in Sea Point will be a good place to start. I don't know the city bowl particularly well so could you suggest a specific venue?

VO2, if you are planning to get to CT by Fri evening, it might be good to go and collect your race pack then. The more you land up walking around and on your feet on Sat, the less quickly you are likely to go on Sunday. There is soooo much to see at the expo that it seems a pity to cut that short. When do you plan on arriving?