Argus Cycle Tour - General Discussion

Hi guys. I would not recommend the Campsbay erea. There is hills and a lot of traffic. Phone the Cycle Lab (CPT) office and find out if they are running a ride on the Saturday morning. If not..Rather try and cycle out to Blouberg
Maybe thats a better idea, cycling around the Blouberg region. We could meet at Blouberg Strand and take it from there? What ya guys think?
Hi everyone ;D
The other night some friends and I were discussing previous Argus times. The next day the wife brings me a T shirt with the slogan. "The older I get the faster I used to be" ::) ;D

I think this idea about a ride the Saturday before the event sounds like gr8 idea.
Ok, we finished our Argus training ;D ;D ;D ;D, less than 2 weeks this great race :-* :-* :-* :-*. So how are you going to "prepare" yourself the next 10 Days? :p :p :p :p
How about 10 to 15 km easy riding in light gears up till about Wednesday to just keep the muscles going?
All the "out of town guys". (From Cycle Lab- Sea Point)
Argus Breakfast Ride: The club will be hosting a breakfast ride from the Cycle Lab on Saturday before Argus. The ride leaves at 7:00am and goes to the top of Llandudno and back (+/- 35km). Breakfast is served here afterwards, BOOKING essential. Please email Sonja on [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>  Est. cost R35 pp (full catering to ensure you're ready for race)
Hi there guys & girls.
I just registered yesterday and so far I've found the site excelent ;D I'll be doing my 1st Argus this year (wish me luck), I've only started cycling in Jan '02 and so far I've enjoyed it stacks!
I've done 3 races so far and enjoy all your comments on the Argus, if there is any last minute advise -- NOW is the time to speak to me.
Look forward to "D" day.
Hi Lazy Legs. Welcome to the Forum and congrats on entering the Argus. ;) If it's your first you're going to find it an unforgettable experience. If you've done three races this year of +/- 100km then you'll be OK. Just remember to RELAX and remember it's a fun thing. ;D You'll know when you've reached OuKaapseWeg when you see a long, long line of cyclists in the distance looking like a line of ants going up to the right across the mountainside! Going down the other side is a long awesome downhill so take care going down! Good Luck! ;D
Yep, welcome Lazy Legs!
The euphoria of finishing your first Argus is awesome. You'll be on a high for about a week afterwards.
My advise I give to all first timers: don't cycle the Argus just to get over Ou Kaapse. Sure it's tough, but there's a brutal 20k's or so between Ou Kaapse and the finish. Save yourself for this. Once you get over Ou Kaapse, remind yourself of this, and cycle accordingly.

Have a good one!
Welcome Lazy Legs.. The best advice is this. No matter how strong you feel, you dont pace the bunch. Hide out of the wind and because you're new in this sport. SLIP...SLIP...SLIP. Look at the wind direction. Move to the "other" side of the bunch, hide as much as possible and dont try and drop the bunch on a hill. There is not a lot of riders who can drop a bunch and sprint away. Remember that a lot of cyclists in the bunch is "old Hands" and they will wait till the blue route "back home" and try and split the bunch. Also remember the first hill out of town. Legs are cold, and a couple of guys will take a "flyer", stay with the main group and out of the wind. I can promise you, there is wind on this "Heerengrach" hill and its about 2 km long. The bunch is going to catch up on them. And last but most important, try and stay in the middle of the road when you go down hospital bend. NOT LEFT, They will gutter and push you down towards the airport turnoff, and believe me, once you down there, you're a "gonner". Good luck and may the wind blow from behind.
I'll probably be at the start early to soak up some atmosphere! Are you all still going to wear name tags? If so I'll check you out and wish you well. ;D
Started getting the ARGUS feeling this morning on my way to work when I saw three cars with bicycles on the way to the fairest Cape. It seems that the heat in Cape town is terrible. Will have to drink a lot during the race to stay hydrated

Good luck to everyone doing the race and may the wind be from behind.
Yep, the mind is starting to kick into gear.
Leaving for Beaufort West tonite, where we will sleep over. Will arrive in CT on Friday.
Have a safe journey everyone. Take care on the roads!
Hi Guys. The wind is blowing when I left home (6h00) and this can be a problem. It only get stronger from here so...lets hope. Use arm warmers this morning , a bit colder than normal. I dont think the heat will effect the front groups, but the late starters will catch a stronger wind as the morning gets longer.
Weather forecast says partly cloudy for Sunday with a light South-Wester, no rain expected.
Pothole, what ya think?
It dont rain if the Sout-Easter is blowing. But anthing else is rain. If the "north-west" is blowing, its going to rain or will be heavily overcast. "Westerm" wind is our rain wind. Think about the 1997 Argus. Westerley wind was blowing, heavy rain. AND please remember. Put a pair of used "dark" socks in for the rainy conditions. If you are using the nice new white one's, it will be black, stretched and oily at the end. Use ones you can chuck away afterwards - if it rains-
;D HI ALL!!! Seeing as most people will start leaving in the next few days, here's wishing you a safe trip to the Cape - whether by road, by plane or by rail! :)
Once on the other side, enjoy the whole vibe, and be proud to be cyclists ;) Enjoy the Expo, and the build up to the BIG D DAY - ARGUS CYCLE SUNDAY!!!
Have a GR8 ride, irrespective of the weather, give it your best, and most importantly, ENJOY IT!
Let's all come back next week with "war stories". Looking forward to it! Until then, ;D :) Keep Smiling!