Argus Cycle Tour - General Discussion

Yep, I'm outta here. Will see if I can find an Internet cafe and post from there.

Hope you all reach personal bests. Have a good one!
Hi there again, sorry it took so long to get back to you but it was one of those upside down weeks, I had to work my backside off to be able to get off for the Argus :-[
Thanks for all the advise you gave me, I'll try and keep everything in mind on Sunday, I can't wait for the big day to arrive and I'm going down there to enjoy the day first of all!
Good luck to all of you guys & galls, and if you're driving down- take care :eek:
Alan Davis ;D ;D ;D Aussie ..... Aussie ..... Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! 8) 8) 8)

Wallop us at cricket and rugby - then still have the audacity to wallop us at cycling! Grrrrr ;)

David George is in fine form! At least a seffrican took the Giro!

What's up in Aussie? You guys are churning out cycling pros like a production line....

I had the opposite weather to you guys - 3 degrees, wind, rain, sleet and snow. Wonderful conditions for endurnace rides grumble grumble..
Hi there

I had a good race and really enjoyed everything. My time was about 9 minutes more than I anticipated but I am still happy. The wind and heat was a bit of a problem, but that is all part of the Argus. (not knowing what the weather will do) I will be back next year.
The Tour will be staged a week later next year (March 16 2003) to accommodate the Aussies giving SA another thrashing in next years Cricket World Cup...

Article here...