Argus entries are OPEN!



Just want to let everybody know that entries for the 2003 Argus Cycle race is now open.

You better jump quick because when I entered this morning at 7:48am, I was entrant number 4040.
Just did that ... it's on 5027 already ... well, 5028 ;D
Hmm, well now the third cycle race I have entered. And I have yet to actually start one. Hope I'm not wasting money, else there will be lots of sub entries for everyone else. Must have been lots of traffic when I entered, it fell over numerous times. Now I've gotta figure out how to get down there (Fly/Drive, decisions decisions). Driving down to C'town and back sounds a bit much for one race (would rather spend more time cycling than travelling, which hopefully means less than 3.5 hours. Of course if I drive I'd better find a few more races to enter down there)
Apparently there are already over 30 000 entries and they are excpecting to close withing the next couple of days. They have limited the entries to 35 000. <br /><br />If they reach that in the estimated time it will be the earliest the entries have ever closed for the event.<br /><br />Thank goodness I got my entry in within the first week.

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